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October 2010

Wildlife SOS celebrates Wildlife Week

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Wildlife SOS celebrated Wildlife Week this year with the usual pomp and enthusiasm as always in the past. Wildlife SOS team members in different parts of India organized and participated in awareness activities and events for wildlife sensitization. Read more »

Tiger in Mathura - The Outcome

In a rare incident in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh a Tiger was reported to be sighted in a village near the highway. The Forest Department immediately contacted Wildlife SOS to help track the animal and preventing a disaster from happening, as the villagers were already up in arms to kill the wandering tiger. Read more »

A Renewed Life - Champa Settles In

It has been just a few months since our dear Champa, aka Jasmine, was rescued from a life of drudgery and trauma.  She now lives surrounded by 4 acres of greenery with her very own paddy field and pond to bathe in. We wanted to make sure we gave you an update on how she's doing. The short story is that she's doing amazingly well! Read more »

"Snakes found near Commonwealth athletes' village" - coverage by BBC

Tom Burridge of the BBC spent the day with our rescue team as they rescued a snake from a Commonwealth Games venue, and then released several snakes back into the wild. 

Please view the video on the BBC website.

Wildlife SOS vet assists Forest Dept to assess Gharial deaths.

The Madhya Pradesh Forest Department runs a Gharial rearing facility at Deori, Dist. Morena, Madhya Pradesh at the Chambal National Sanctuary. The facility acts as a Gharial conservation and education centre. Every year, after the Gharial nesting season is over, the Gharial eggs are collected from the Chambal Sanctuary and incubated and hatched at the above mentioned centre. Read more »

Two cobras rescued from CWG village

Two cobras rescued from CWG 2010 gates no 1 and 2 . A call was received at the Wildlife SOS CWG Helpline at 21:10 Hrs from the CWG control room and the Wildlife SOS team reached the location in about 20 minutes. Read more »

"Tiger on the run wreaks havoc in Mathura" - CNN IBN

Wildlife SOS is working to track this tiger in Mathura. The video below is news coverage from CNN-IBN. Or, you can view the video on the CNN IBN website.


  Read more »

Wildlife SOS and Banglore Dentists partner to support Tiger Conservation.

Recently Wildlife SOS partnered with the Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital during the “Rotary Marathon-2010” to generate awareness and support for Tiger Conservation.
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