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Top 15 Rescues Of 2015

For Wildlife SOS, 2015 had its fair share of highs and lows, and brought with it all the memorable, pulse-racing moments of a busy year well-spent.
Our teams, spread across India, are linked by a very special cause- rescuing wildlife in distress and bringing them to safety. These are the top 15 rescues we pulled

Saving Suraj; Sunshine For The One-Eared Temple Elephant

Warm sunlight reflects of his magnificent tusks, as the large bull elephant steps gingerly off the Wildlife SOS Elephant Ambulance and into the Elephant Conservation & Care Centre, Mathura. For Suraj, whose name literally translates to ‘sun’ in Hindi, sunshine is as special a treat as the sugarcane and bananas being offered to coax

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    Wildlife SOS Spreads Awareness at the 6th Krackerjack Karnival

Wildlife SOS Spreads Awareness at the 6th Krackerjack Karnival

For the sixth year in a row, the Krackerjack Karnival organised by the Exhibitions India Ltd. group brought a whole lot of fun to children of all ages in the capital, delivering on its promise of a colourful event where children can shop, play and learn. The expansive lawns of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Wildlife SOS Rescued Leopard Cub from Poachers

The call comes in at 11:00 am.

Leopard. Looks like a cub. Caught in a trap. Tikli village, on the border of Delhi and Gurgaon.
The Wildlife SOS rescue team is on their way less than ten minutes later, hurtling down the road, rescue equipment at the back of the vehicle. The tension is palpable. Trapped

Suraj, the One-Eared Elephant

Suraj is a male temple elephant who is about 45 years old. Sometime in his past, his entire left ear was ripped off. It was so long ago, that no one remembers how it happened, but we suspect it could have been when he was captured from the wild as a baby and separated

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Putting An End To The ‘Dancing Bear’ Practice.

In a dusty bylane, sandwiched between two rickety houses, a shaggy black figure ambles behind a man, dragged along the street by a thick, coarse rope. A crowd of villagers gathers around the animal, a sloth bear, as it enters a small clearing, and the duo stop walking. The rope, strung through the crudely

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    Wildlife SOS Participates In the Uttar Pradesh Bird Festival

Wildlife SOS Participates In the Uttar Pradesh Bird Festival

As winter descends upon North India, birds from around the world make their way gradually towards the wetlands etched out across the plains, flocking along the banks of the numerous rivers criss-crossing through the region, their calls echoing across the shimmering water of ox bow lakes and sub-montane grasslands of the vast Gangetic plains.

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    “There’s A Leopard In Our House” ; An Unusual Rescue Call!

“There’s A Leopard In Our House” ; An Unusual Rescue Call!

The leopard sits the empty room, enjoying the private, cozy dry spot he has discovered in the otherwise rainy city of Agra. He has found an unclaimed slipper in the dusty room, and is playfully tossing about the little rubber article of footwear. Despite the obvious piece of evidence of human presence he holds

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Mia & Sita; The Newest Members Of Wildlife SOS’ Family!

Side-by-side on their shed’s cemented ground, legs restrained painfully, the two elderly female elephants cut a pitiable figure. Wildlife SOS senior veterinarian, Dr. Arun A. Sha, approaches Sita, the older of the two, and strokes her trunk gently before proceeding to examine her feet. Sita’s right front limb is outstretched awkwardly, the joint having

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Studying Sloth Bears

Most people find the sloth bear to be a bizarrely fascinating and ultimately charismatic bear.  As intriguing as they are, there is actually very little known about this bear.  As a matter of fact, of the eight living species of bears in the world, sloth bears might be the most mysterious of them all.


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