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Act Now Before It’s Too Late; Endangered Species Day!

For millions of years, the earth has survived through a series of careful checks and balances that it carefully implements to allow all life on it not just to survive, but to thrive. With natural changes and shifts in climate and land structure, the myriad of lifeforms on the Earth adapt alongside, surviving these

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    Wildlife SOS Provides Training To Nagpur Veterinary College Students

Wildlife SOS Provides Training To Nagpur Veterinary College Students

Wildlife SOS held a one day training workshop for a group of final year students from Nagpur Veterinary College at the Manekdoh Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar, Maharashtra.
Keeping in mind, the current paucity of veterinarians specializing in wild animals, Wildlife SOS aims to train the new generations of veterinarians in this aspect of dealing

Women Empowerment and Skill Training Courses in Rajasthan

The Kalandar people once relied on the exploitation of animals — sloth bears, namely — to put food on the table for their families. This community has historically been plagued by crushing poverty, high illiteracy rates, and scant few economic options — especially for women. With your help, Wildlife SOS has ended the “dancing

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    2 Year Old Leopard Rescued From A 60ft Well In Madhya Pradesh

2 Year Old Leopard Rescued From A 60ft Well In Madhya Pradesh

As the sun began to fade over Goharganj district of Madhya Pradesh, a group of children from Karakwadi village were returning home after spending the afternoon playing in the fields. They were suddenly interrupted by loud and distressed roars, echoing from deep within a neighboring well. Left in a state of panic, the children

Bear Of The Month: Amitabh!

On catching a glimpse of Amitabh taking a quiet, blissful nap in his forested enclosure at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, one could find it rather difficult to imagine the horrors that this sloth bear has faced in the past. In 2003, we were fortunate enough to have rescued a seven month old Amitabh

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    Workshop On Man-Animal Conflict Mitigation For Chhatisgarh Forest Dept.

Workshop On Man-Animal Conflict Mitigation For Chhatisgarh Forest Dept.

Spread across the forested terrains of Central India, Chhattisgarh contains a major part of the sloth bear population of the country.  In recent years, the state has witnessed an increase in incidents of man-animal conflicts, predominantly problems relating to sloth bears.

Animals like elephants, wild boar, nilgai and sloth bears often venture out to the

Sanjay’s Bell Comes Off

In February we all united to organize the fastest rescue in Wildlife SOS history. With your help we put a team together to save “the Elephant with No Name.” A few days later, again with your help, we gave him the name “Sanjay” — meaning victorious.
When Sanjay arrived, he was wearing a

Best auction yet! $60,000 in 10 days!

Our fourth annual auction was the biggest one yet! The amazing Wildlife SOS volunteers helped us collect more than 400 items from gracious donors all over the world. We simply could not have offered such variety in the auction without their help. We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make

Bidding Adieu To Our Beloved Elephant, Sita

From day one, she turned our lives upside down. Sita’s 2,100 km journey to her new home with us, the maiden journey of our then newly designed elephant ambulance, began in the pouring rain. Torrential showers threatening to flood the city and sabotage the rescue, Sita and her companion elephant Mia were loaded by

Bear Of The Month: Arifa!

Six year old Arifa was a victim of the ‘dancing bear’ trade, an illegal practice that was once prevalent across India. With no anesthesia, a red hot iron poker had been driven through her tender muzzle at a very young age and as part of the training process, Arifa would be beaten repeatedly and

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Gajraj - The King Of Elephants

Gajraj is finally on the way to our Elephant Conservation and Care Center! He will need immediate medical attention, rehabilitation and lots of care & compassion.
Can you lend a hand to help us give Gajraj all that he deserves?