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Sloth Bear Cub Rescued From A Barbed Wire In Karnataka

Drawn by the painful cries of an animal in distress, local farmers of Koratagere village, Karnataka were shocked to find a sloth bear cub in the periphery of a Betel nut plantation. The young bear was caught in a deadly barbed wire that was intertwined around its waist and its struggle to escape were

Community Outreach Program in J&K

Wildlife SOS continuously makes efforts to reach out to rural and urban communities, especially those living near wildlife habitats to raise awareness about using techniques for avoiding and resolving man-animal conflicts in a more sensitized manner. In recent years, problems related to human wildlife conflict has escalated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir,

Meet Mradul, Our Wildlife Photographer!

There’s a story behind every beautiful picture and every action packed video on the Wildlife SOS website and social media – and at the centre of that story is a photographer putting himself in some rather unruly positions to give the world a glimpse into the lives of our rescued animals and the work

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    Young Jackal Rescued From A 40 Foot Deep Well In Maharashtra

Young Jackal Rescued From A 40 Foot Deep Well In Maharashtra

An occupant of Vadaj village, farmer Anil Salunke had stepped out to turn on the water well pump for the day but little did he expect to find a jackal trapped inside it. The nearly 40 foot deep uncovered well is located in the periphery of the neighbouring forest, which is home to several

Bear Of The Month: Yogi

Wildlife SOS’s anti-poaching unit rescued Yogi bear from Bihar in 2011. Our team received a tip off about a group of poachers who were passing through the state with four sloth bear cubs as contraband. It was a laborious process tracking down as any signal alarming them would mean the cubs would be killed and the people would go into

Why Do We Need Enrichments For Captive Elephants?

Elephants love food, and they love water. In the wild, an elephants entire day is spent foraging, grazing and searching for food and water. Their social interactions, their migratory pathways, their entire lives revolve around the search for the two things they love the most – and the things that are most vital to

Micro-chipping Leopards in Maharashtra

Last month, the sight of a leopard wandering in the sugarcane fields caused major uproar in a remote village near Satara, Maharashtra. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of leopard encounters in the state due to human encroachment and rapid deforestation caused by creation of sugar cane fields for

Laxmi’s Four Year Anniversary!

Laxmi was 18 years old when we first heard about her. She worked as a begging elephant in the state of Maharashtra, standing outside a temple with her companion elephant and begging for alms from the devotees that visited. Every day, as devotees thronged the temple, the two elephants would stand mournfully at the

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Thoughts On Tiger Conservation In India

B K Singh, Senior Advisor Wildlife SOS & Retired Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forests Force) Karnataka    

As a ‘flagship’ species, the protection of tigers in the wild is made all the more vital by the fact that their protection in turn will protect the habitat they live in and by

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    Meet Our Co-Founders In London At An Event From August 3-6, 2017

Meet Our Co-Founders In London At An Event From August 3-6, 2017

Conservation efforts by Wildlife SOS will be highlighted at a spectacular upcoming charity event ‘This is Our World’ by Art World Conservation (AWC) with Born Free and IFAW as its charity partners. The event aims to educate, inspire and inform people from all walks of life about the natural world and about how man

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