Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Bear Of The Month: Goldie

It has been many years since we welcomed Goldie into the Agra Bear Rescue Centre. He was rescued from a Kalandar community settled in Sahibganj, Jharkhand. Starved, abused and forced to live the agonizing life of a dancing bear, Goldie was affected deeply, both physically and emotionally.  He was highly emaciated, had an unkempt and matted

Bear Of The Month: Valmiki

Valmiki bear was rescued from the Indo-Nepal border in 2010. His Kalandar owners were intercepted at the border just as they were attempting to illegally migrate to Nepal, where the practice of ‘dancing bears’ still persists. Due to the sheer negligence on the part of his former owners, Valmiki was highly emaciated and was

Bear Of The Month: Kanmani

A heavy iron ring forcefully pushed through their tender muzzle and a thick rope tied around the nose and neck, controlling their every move- such was the life most captive sloth bears were subjected to as part of their indoctrination process of becoming dancing bears. At merely one and half years of age, little

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Rose’s New Life At The Agra Bear Rescue Facility

In the few short months since her arrival at the Van Vihar Bear Rescue Facility, Rose has come a long way from being a timid and scared sloth bear cub to becoming strong and independent, under the watchful eyes of our team of dedicated vets and staff. Her undeterred spirit and strong will has

Turtles Rescued From Keetham Lake

The vast acres of Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary plays host to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Keetham Lake, a fresh water wetland situated within the sanctuary is home to several resident and migratory birds as well as several turtle species.

On an otherwise quiet and peaceful morning at the sanctuary, a man from

Remembering Lenzolita

The month of February ended on a sad note for the Wildlife SOS family, as we suffered an unexpected loss in the form of our young bear Lenzolita.  A little over 5 years of age, this amiable little sloth bear lost her fight against severe pulmonary Tuberculosis. Lovingly called “Lino” by the keepers, Lenzolita

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    Dental Surgeries On Sloth Bears At Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Dental Surgeries On Sloth Bears At Agra Bear Rescue Facility

For over 400 years the Indian Sloth Bear (Melursus Ursinus) cubs have been poached from the wild and brutally trained to be used as ‘dancing bears’ by the members of a nomadic gypsy tribe called the Kalandars. Their Kalandar owners would drive a red hot poker rod through the muzzle of the baby bear

Bear Of The Month: Akki

Akki is a male sloth bear who spent the first five years of his life as an oppressed ‘dancing bear’ in the harsh hands of his Kalandar owners in West Bengal. He was finally liberated from his inhuman bonds when he was rescued by Wildlife SOS on January 2008.
When the Wildlife SOS rescue

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    Students from G.D.Goenka School visit the Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Students from G.D.Goenka School visit the Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Last week, Wildlife SOS’ Agra Bear Recue Facility was approached by the ‘Explorers’ club of GD Goenka School, Delhi to arrange a visit for their enthusiastic and curious students. 85 students, accompanied by 9 teachers and 4 organisers made their way through our facility, buzzing with excitement at the sight of our rescued bears.

Wildlife SOS Rescues a 6ft Long Crocodile in Agra

Tumbling down from Aligarh, the stream diverges out of the mighty Yamuna and traces its way through the state of Uttar Pradesh, feeding habitats that support people, plants and animals along the way. As it approaches the Vajipoor region, the stream is diverted into a series of smaller channels that trickle through the local

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