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    WSOS & Rajasthan Forest Dept Join Hands To Help Jaipur’s Elephants

WSOS & Rajasthan Forest Dept Join Hands To Help Jaipur’s Elephants

As part of an initiative to help improve the living and working conditions of the elephants of Jaipur, Wildlife SOS in collaboration with the Rajasthan Forest Department is working closely with the elephant owners and mahouts or caretakers of these elephants to create a more humane and safe environment for these wonderful animals.

After a

Leopard Cub Rescued From A Water Tank In Karnataka

Leopards are a highly adaptable species and for years, they have been living and breeding quietly in close proximity to villages and towns where the growing human population have taken over their natural habitat. In recent years this shy and elusive species has fallen victim to increasing incidents of man-animal conflicts across the country

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Wildlife SOS Celebrates National Wildlife Week

With its rugged mountains, rolling hills, dense forests and miles of sandy coasts,  India has been endowed with a rich and varied natural heritage enabling it to support an ecosystem that is home to wildlife species that are diverse, unique and often endemic to the subcontinent. However with the prioritization of urbanization that typically

A Webinar With Our Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Yaduraj

Two years ago, on the fourth of July 2014, Dr. Yaduraj Khadpekar knelt down near a massive bull elephant, and with the care and precision of the fantastic veterinarian he is, gently cut the spiked chains cutting into the elephant’s legs – the very chains that had held this amazing animal captive for more

Himalayan Griffon Vulture Rescued From Kashmir

On the banks of the Dal lake in Kashmir, a massive Himalayan griffon vulture stretches out its wings, its massive 8-foot wingspan casting huge shadows on the ground as it attempts to thrust itself into the clear blue sky. Instead, it tumbles further towards the edge of the lake, and emerges struggling, with its

Petition Against Amazon Selling Cruelty

In recent years, illegal poaching and trade of wildlife in India has risen to an alarming level, despite having a strong legal framework to protect our wildlife species and to regulate and restrict the flow of wildlife trade. A large quantity and variety of wildlife products are in fact smuggled from India to international

Leopard Rescued From A House In Agra

It turned out to be quite a shocking day for the residents of Suresh Nagar, New Agra when a large wild leopard wandered into a building in the neighbourhood. Scared and confused in an unknown environment, with an ever increasing mob of people yelling and pelting stones, the big cat rushed to take up

Team WSOS Celebrates World Sparrow Day

The Wildlife SOS team at the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre recently celebrated World Sparrow day and International Day of Forests with over a 100 students from Vidya Pre-school in Junnar, Maharashtra.

Dr. Ajay, the senior veterinarian at MLRC was accompanied by Forester-Mr. D. D. Salunke and Forest Guards-Mrs. Saurna Kutekar and Mr. Sanjay Gaikwad. The

Turtles Rescued From Keetham Lake

The vast acres of Soor Sarovar Bird Sanctuary plays host to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Keetham Lake, a fresh water wetland situated within the sanctuary is home to several resident and migratory birds as well as several turtle species.

On an otherwise quiet and peaceful morning at the sanctuary, a man from

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    WSOS Conducts Leopard Awareness & Conservation Programs in Junnar, Maharashtra

WSOS Conducts Leopard Awareness & Conservation Programs in Junnar, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is known to have a rich population of leopards and for years, these elusive cats have been living and breeding quietly amongst the growing human population residing in close proximity to their natural habitat.

However, in recent years, due to the rapid infringement of human settlements and expansion of agriculturally used land near the

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