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It’s Peanut Day!

In April 2015, 6 year old Peanut  became the youngest elephant ever to be rescued by Wildlife SOS. Peanut was part of a group of four young elephants that had spent the entirety of their lives performing in a circus in the Indian state of Maharashtra. When not being made to perform demeaning and

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Webinar On The Rescue of Rhea Elephant

The month of April marked yet another milestone for Wildlife SOS since the launch of our Circus Elephant campaign in 2015.  Our team of experts and veterinarians embarked on an epic journey to rescue our 8th circus elephant – Rhea and bring her home to our elephant haven in Mathura. After spending nearly 53

Rhea’s Journey To Freedom

We’ve got some great news to share with you about Rhea, the circus elephant in Tamil Nadu who we’ve been trying to reunite with her sisters, Mia and Sita, at our center in Mathura. She has been rescued by our team and has been loaded on the truck safely, packed with loads of fresh

Rhea’s Life So Far In Captivity…

For nearly all 53 years of her life, Rhea has been a circus elephant, facing horrific abuse and neglect. Possibly poached from the wild as a calf, torn away from her family and herd, she spent the early childhood years of her circus life being beaten into submission, punished regularly and deprived of food

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Ever Since Suzy: Continuing our Circus Elephant Campaign

05th February2015. Everything around her was darkness. She could hear scuffling, urgent whispers, and the low rumble of a large vehicle pulling up beside her. She could feel hands on her tiny body, reassuring her and easing off the chains that held her in place. But she couldn’t see anything, it was all dark.

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Special Care For Suzy; The Oldest Elephant At ECCC

She’s so tiny, it’s hard to spot her amidst the towering figures of the other elephants in the Herd of Hope. Slowly but surely navigating her way through the herd and across the topography of the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, with the tip of her trunk running close to the ground and guiding

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Mia & Sita; The Newest Members Of Wildlife SOS’ Family!

Side-by-side on their shed’s cemented ground, legs restrained painfully, the two elderly female elephants cut a pitiable figure. Wildlife SOS senior veterinarian, Dr. Arun A. Sha, approaches Sita, the older of the two, and strokes her trunk gently before proceeding to examine her feet. Sita’s right front limb is outstretched awkwardly, the joint having

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Beginning Of A New Journey For Mia & Sita Elephants

Great News! We’ve rescued two new circus elephants, Mia and Sita from Tamil Nadu who are currently traveling in India’s first modern custom designed elephant ambulance. It will take them a couple of days to reach their new home, the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, in Mathura as they cover over 2,100 kms from

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The Nutty Caravan Hits the Road for Home

Great news! The Nut Herd is currently on the road to their permanent home at our center in Mathura. When we rescued the four elephants from the Moonlight Circus in early April, their mental and physical health status was poor, so we decided to let them recuperate a bit before transporting them the 1400


After 46 long years of being chained and leading a life of suffering, Asha was freed on 20th February, 2015 by Wildlife SOS with the cooperation of the Forest Department. She is currently being escorted to her new home by a ten member expert team from the Wildlife SOS Elephant Care Center including three

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