Sloth Bears

Our Rescued Sloth Bear Cub, Mowgli Turns One!

Watching young Mowgli exuberantly bounding around his enclosure at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, it is hard to imagine that it has been almost a year since he first came into our lives. Mowgli’s story was one that had us all in tears. He was found clinging to his dying mother after she was

Bear Of The Month: Nakul!

Nakul and his brother Kuber were barely a few months old when they were rescued from Tumkur district, Karnataka in 2011. Poachers had killed their mother who was trying to simply defend her babies. They were planning on smuggling the cubs out of the state but had to forfeit the plan and run off

Bear Of The Month: Kasthuri

Kasthuri was rescued from a Kalandar settlement in West Bengal in 2007. She was only six months old at the time but had already been subjected to immense abuse and cruelty. As part of her indoctrination as a dancing bear, a red hot iron poker was forcibly pierced through her soft muzzle and a

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Bear of the Month: Truffles!

Truffles was a little over a year old when he and three other young sloth bears were rescued from a group of poachers in Jharkhand. All four bears were fated to be sold into a life of misery as dancing bears across the Indo-Nepal border, where this cruel practice still persists. When we rescued

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    Snare Set Up by Ruthless Poachers Claims Life of an Endangered Sloth Bear

Snare Set Up by Ruthless Poachers Claims Life of an Endangered Sloth Bear

With the growing number of incidents involving the use of deadly snares by poachers, another sloth bear was reported to have fallen victim to this barbaric hunting device near Narasimha Devara Betta in Chikkaballapur Range, Karnataka. This is the third incident this month where a bear has been found trapped in a poacher’s snare.


Bear Of The Month: Pooja

Pooja was around 18 months old when she first arrived at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility in 2008. She was rescued from a Kalandar community in Uttar Pradesh and as in the case of most captive sloth bears that were forced into becoming performing animals, Pooja bore the scars of physical and

Bear Of The Month: Michael Oreo

Michael Oreo was only three years old when he and three other sloth bears were rescued in an anti-poaching operation carried by Wildlife SOS in Jharkhand in 2013. The poachers were attempting to sell the bears in Nepal where the barbaric practice of ‘dancing bears’ is still legal. Deprived of a nutritious and healthy

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Bear Of The Month: Elvis!

Possibly one of the most lovable and friendly sloth bears at the Wildlife SOS Agra Bear Rescue Facility, Elvis’ life today is a stark contrast to what it was when he was rescued more than two years ago. He was only a couple of months old when poachers snatched him away from his mother,

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Sloth Bear Cub Rescued From A Barbed Wire In Karnataka

Drawn by the painful cries of an animal in distress, local farmers of Koratagere village, Karnataka were shocked to find a sloth bear cub in the periphery of a Betel nut plantation. The young bear was caught in a deadly barbed wire that was intertwined around its waist and its struggle to escape were

Bear Of The Month: Rani!

Rani is the most famous sloth bear at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility and she holds a very special place in our hearts. She was the very first dancing bear to be rescued by Wildlife SOS from the centuries-old tradition that inflicted terrible cruelty on thousands of highly endangered sloth bears. She was five

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