Celebrating World Snake Day Through Awareness

Iridescent in the sunlight, light glimmering on its scales, it weaves its sleek body through the grass. Sound waves from its surroundings reverberate through its skin, its muscles, its bones, and finally its inner ear, even as its forked tongue darts swiftly in and out of its mouth tasting the air for smells.

A Serpentine Surprise At The Airforce Station

It was Monday morning, and the staff at Wildlife SOS’ Delhi office were settling in for another week of work. At 12:40 am, the hotline rang for the first rescue of the week.
The person on the other end of the line sounded distressed and reported that she was calling from the Tughlaqabad Air

New Year Calls for Another Python Rescue

By Shruti Prabhala

This New Year brought a surprise visitor to a village in Mathura. A seven foot long python was found by one of the villagers who immediately contacted the forest officer of the Mathura Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh. The forest officer kept the villagers away from the surroundings while

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    Eight foot Python snake joins Chhath Puja prayers on Yamuna bank

Eight foot Python snake joins Chhath Puja prayers on Yamuna bank

The sighting of a large eight foot long python snake on the yamuna river banks where the chhath puja rituals are performed by thousands of devotees caused mayhem. Wildlife SOS was contacted and the snake was rescued safely.

On the auspicious occasion of Chhath Puja(an ancient Hindu festival)when thousands of devotees pay homage to the Sun

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Python Rescue In the Mist


By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

It would be easy if we only had to rescue distressed animals, but quite often we have to deal with furious mobs, panic struck crowds of people, the odd paranoid woman, severely intoxicated men trying to prove their might and more…One misty December morning

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