A Webinar On Asha, Lakhi & Suzy

February 2015 brought three new elephants to the Wildlife SOS family, each with a painful history of abuse in captivity, and each with a wonderfully unique personality that made it impossible not to love them instantaneously.

Suzy, Asha and Lakhi formed a herd soon after the trio arrived at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre,

A Webinar On Priyanka’s Rescue

When we first spoke about Priyanka elephant in November of last year, we could only share a few pictures of her – blurred out or cropped – and tiny incomplete snippets of information. Talking about who she was, disclosing information or releasing her pictures in public would have been detrimental to her rescue, and

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A Webinar On Sanjay’s Rescue

An urgent call on the evening of the fifth of February set about a chain of events that resulted in an emergency rescue mission to bring to safety an elephant who we now call Sanjay. Sanjay’s rescue was incredibly sensitive due to the nature of his story and the covert and urgent basis on

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A Webinar On Suraj’s Life After Rescue At Wildlife SOS

Suraj arrived at our rescue centre on Christmas eve in the winter of 2015, in what was nothing short of a Christmas miracle, following a face-off with a hostile mob determined to keep him imprisoned in the temple that had chained and abused him for nearly his entire life.
Since his arrival at the Elephant

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A Webinar On Mohan’s Rescue

When Mohan’s story first entered the public domain, his plight captivated hearts everywhere – and people around the world became invested in ending the suffering of this wonderful elephant. Unfortunately, Mohan’s rescue wasn’t that simple, and it took nearly two years of fighting before we were able to get him to the safety of

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A Webinar With Our Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Yaduraj

Two years ago, on the fourth of July 2014, Dr. Yaduraj Khadpekar knelt down near a massive bull elephant, and with the care and precision of the fantastic veterinarian he is, gently cut the spiked chains cutting into the elephant’s legs – the very chains that had held this amazing animal captive for more

Webinar On The Rescue of Rhea Elephant

The month of April marked yet another milestone for Wildlife SOS since the launch of our Circus Elephant campaign in 2015.  Our team of experts and veterinarians embarked on an epic journey to rescue our 8th circus elephant – Rhea and bring her home to our elephant haven in Mathura. After spending nearly 53

A Webinar On Dancing Bear Practice By Our Co-Founders

11th February, 2016 marked the second edition of the Wildlife SOS Webinar, where our co-founders Kartick Satyanarayan and Geeta Seshamani shared the story of their successful journey towards eradicating the “dancing bear” practise in India.
The webinar set an ideal opportunity for us to help spread the word about conservation awareness and wildlife rescue as

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