Rakhee Sharma

Rakhee Sharma has the brightest smile. She is our Kalandar Rehabilitation Coordinator and has been associated with Wildlife SOS since 2006. The progress that has been made with the Kalandar community has been made possible in part due to Rakhee’s diligent efforts and outreach. Her day starts early, usually around 5 AM and she doesn’t stop until almost midnight. With a double Masters in Political Science and Hindi Literature, a B.Ed and M.Ed along with a degree in Journalism, Rakhee can easily be called the ‘Jack Of All Trades’. Working closely with over 3000 families and monitoring 30 villages over four states, she patiently deals with everyone and considers herself as a member of the community of families she supports, sharing their sorrows and joys. Rakhee has a soft spot for street dogs and is always willing to indulge them with treats and play and interrupts her field work often to resume injured bulls or hit and run pups.