Kartick  Satyanarayan – Founder & Chairman

Kartick Satyanarayan is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Wildlife SOS. He is a Member of the IUCN Bear Specialist Group (Sloth Bear Team Expert), the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, the State Wildlife Advisory Board of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, the State Wildlife Advisory Board of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Central Zoo Authority’s Captive Elephant Evaluation Committee and the Executive Board of Friendicoes – SECA in New Delhi, India. He is a former Member of the Government of India’s Central Zoo Authority (2007–2013) and an Honorary Wildlife Warden of the Government of NCT Delhi. His lifelong love of animals has translated into 23 years of unflinching dedication and service to wildlife conservation and welfare, environmental protection and the vision of a modern India where man and animal coexist respectfully and in peace together.

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Geeta  Seshamani – Founder

Geeta Seshamani is the acting Senior Wildlife Conservationist, Cofounding Director, and Secretary of Wildlife SOS. Established in 1995 with Cofounder Mr. Kartik Satyanarayan and based in New Delhi, the organization has an objective of protecting India’s environmental and wildlife resources from unsustainable exploitation. She is recognized by and affiliated with the Animal Welfare Board of India. Winner of the inaugural Planman Media Award for Environmental Activism (2009), the Karamveer Puraskar Award, Limca’s “People of the Year” Award, the prestigious “Pehal Award” by Zee News and two-time winner of The Elisabeth Lewyt Award for Disaster Management and Planning and lauded guest speaker at innumerable engagements, Mrs. Seshamani is a tireless animal rights activist demonstrating lifelong devotion to the protection and well-being of all living things.

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    Aparna Rajgopal

    A lawyer by training and an artist by nature, she is currently a member of the Wildlife SOS Executive Board. Aparna decided to dedicate her legal education to the
cause of wildlife conservation, animal welfare and animal law reform and has been associated with Wildlife SOS for over a decade. She has been actively involved in the creation of a law enforcement manual that has been close to her heart, as she believes that effective enforcement is possible only through awareness building and sensitization of law enforcement agencies.

        Arjun Nirula

        Arjun Raj Nirula is a Photographer and Film-maker based in New Delhi, India. He attended Vanderbilt University (USA) and King’s College (UK). He currently serves as the Director of the Nirula Family Company and as a Board Member of the Nirula Family Art Trust, in addition to steering several collaborative creative projects. He is a lifelong friend and supporter of both Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes. His enthusiasm and advisory capabilities are tremendous value-adds for the organisation.

            Dr. Sabrina Sabharwal

            Sabrina Sabharwal has been an avid wildlife lover and supporter of Wildlife SOS for many years. Her medical expertise as a Pediatric Physician has been prevailed upon at times for, among other heroic deeds, assisting in the delivery of breeched puppies. She has always been willing to step in and lend a hand, and it is this spirit which has made her a wonderful ally of Wildlife SOS since its inception.

                Onita Nakra

                Onita’s love for animals has inspired her support for Wildlife SOS. With over twenty-five years of experience in education, research, training, evaluation and counseling, she has taught students ranging in age from grade to graduate school across a diverse spectrum of abilities and culture. In her capacity as an Educational Psychologist she has worked with special needs children and young adults in Dubai, India, and the USA. As an Educational Consultant she has extensive experience training teachers and she provides counseling for parents and students as well. She specializes in areas of assessment, diagnosis and interventions for children with learning difficulties. She is the Author of “Overcoming Learning Difficulties” and a columnist in Friday Magazine as well as other newspapers and journals.

                    Reed Harrison

                    Reed Harrison graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN (USA) with a degree in Art History. She is involved in day-to-day operations at Wildlife SOS’s Central office in New Delhi. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor. Ever smiling and enthusiastic, Reed is delighted to contribute to the happiness of all of her neighbors in India, man and animal alike, through her support of Wildlife SOS.

                        Vidya Das Arora

                        With a Bachelors and Masters in English Literature as well as an M.Phil from the prestigious Delhi University, Vidya describes herself as an intensive reader. She has also done research on Modern drama and Indian Literature. A firm believer of the Wildlife SOS objectives, Vidya joined the board and has been helping out in guiding the education and conservation awareness program.

                          UK Support

                            Pooja Binepal

                            Pooja is a Commercial Insurance Broker who has lived in England for the past 13 years. She was moved by the passion she saw in Geeta and Kartick’s commitment to and love for animals and the Indian people. In 2012, Pooja began volunteering and now acts as Director of the UK arm of the charity. When asked what gives her joy in working for the organisation she says, “My educational and professional qualifications (MBA and ACII) have enabled me to progress in my career. However, what gives me most joy is the love and support received from supporters who make it possible for Wildlife SOS to continue their non-stop work of rescuing, rehabilitating and educating.”

                              USA Board of Directors

                              Danielle Brigida

                              Danielle currently works for the National Wildlife Federation in Washington DC, and oversees Social Media Strategy. She is known as an expert in her field and frequently serves as a panelist and featured speaker at international conferences. Danielle loves wildlife and has been an active member of the Wildlife SOS USA Board since 2012.

                                Amber Ayers

                                Amber is a Senior Manager and Creative contributor with the “Best Friends Animal Society”. She oversees creative strategy and supervises the creative team critical for successfully executing public education campaigns. She has experience working with celebrities and finding ways to utilize grassroots low-cost means to achieve serious results. Amber has been an active board member of Wildlife SOS USA since 2012.

                                    Greta Palmer

                                    Beginning her career as a journalist and then moving into event production, Greta got her first taste of marketing and promotions in 1998 when she joined the National Hockey League, where she oversaw interactive experiences and promotions geared toward growing the league’s fan-base. After promoting men on ice and the Stanley Cup for five years, she served as a managing director at Greendog, a subsidiary of the LeadDog Marketing Group, where she oversaw marketing campaigns for national media and nonprofit brands. Greta now heads up marketing and communications for Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization, and is fueled by her passion to save and protect animals.

                                        Kate Schnepel

                                        Kate Schnepel has worked in animal welfare for more than 15 years, most recently as the Director of Communications and Development for Wildlife SOS USA. Previously, she was the Strategic Communications Director at Best Friends Animal Society, where she oversaw the PR, digital strategy, and social media teams. Kate has served on the Board of Wildlife SOS USA since its inception in 2005. Over the years she has visited India several times and with each trip her commitment to the mission of Wildlife SOS and the work of Wildlife SOS USA has grown stronger.

                                            Kristen Ward Broz

                                            Kristen works as an associate attorney at Hausfeld LLP, a global claimants firm committed to righting wrongs in both the United States and abroad. Kristen’s practice focuses on protecting human rights, consumer rights, and the environment. She is excited about helping Wildlife SOS achieve its core mission of protecting wildlife in India through research, education, rehabilitation, rescue, and conservation.

                                                Laura Gonzo

                                                After a successful 20-year tour of duty in network media, Laura decided it was time for a change. She now pursues her passion for animal health and welfare through pet nutrition, and has been involved in cat and dog rescue since 2001. After volunteering in the Gulf after Hurricane Katrina, she became particularly passionate about pit bull rescue and advocacy, becoming a founding member of the Indy Pit Crew in Indianapolis, which was instrumental in helping prevent breed-discriminatory ordinances. She is currently on the board of the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, overseeing programming and public relations. She is passionate about the welfare of all animals and says, “I’m exceedingly pleased to be part of the WSOS team!”

                                                    Michael Hand

                                                    Michael has worked in animal welfare for close to 15 years, and is currently senior manager of imagery at Best Friends Animal Society. After spending close to three months in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Michael took an opportunity to combine his knowledge of media and production with his passion for animals. During his time at Best Friends, he trained as a veterinary technician; deployed on emergency rescue operations; worked as second camera on the National Geographic TV show Dogtown, and, more recently, on the documentary The Champions, which tells the story of some of the dogs saved from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation. Michael enjoys spending time with his family at the beach and rescuing injured coastal birds for Skywatch Bird Rescue in Wilmington, North Carolina.

                                                        Tracy Kelley

                                                        Tracy began working for Best Friends Northern Utah (BFNU) office in 2001 as the volunteer coordinator, and kept that position when BFNU merged with No More Homeless Pets in Utah. No More Homeless Pets in Utah hired her on contract to produce their fundraising event, Strut Your Mutt, which had performed poorly the two previous years. Using a volunteer committee, Tracy grew event participation by 50% and revenue by 60%. Based on this success, Best Friends expanded the event to LA and NYC, hiring Tracy to train the staff. This event is now happening in 14 cities across the United States. Tracy returned to Best Friends Animal Society in 2010 as the National Volunteer Manager. In 2012, she transferred to Best Friends Animal Society – Utah to work with the No Kill Utah coalition.

                                                          Brett Adams

                                                          Though originally from the East Coast of the United States, the mountains of Utah and the opportunities for adventure in the American West proved irresistible for Brett upon graduation from the university. Now seasoned with over 20 years of global travel and exploration, he brings his lifelong commitment to conservation, preservation, education, and coexistence to the Wildlife SOS USA board. An airline pilot by profession, Brett’s strong business acumen as well as his experience training and developing community leaders though Landmark Worldwide make him an asset to the team.

                                                          Jon Dunn

                                                          Jon Dunn is the Senior Manager of Policy for Best Friends Animal Society. He is responsible for the creation and management of the vast amount of policies and positions for the organization. He also handles a variety of communications-related tasks, including editorial writing and working closely with the Best Friends legislative team. Jon is very passionate about other issues facing animals as well, and is a cofounder of Vegan Grand Rapids – a local restaurant guide and vegan advocacy group in West Michigan, where he calls home. He most recently created a campaign that aims to have Grand Rapids join more than 40 other U.S. communities that have banned the use of wild animals in entertainment. Both Jon and his partner Kolene are cat people, and currently share their home with two cats, Vinnie and Carl.