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Top 10 Animal Rescues of the Year 2014

This past year has been an eventful one. We have achieved many victories and conducted successful rescue operations in an attempt to conserve wildlife and educate people on how to deal with wildlife encounters. To coexist with wildlife peacefully is a virtue as human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat which in turn increases conflicts between wildlife and the people. As we move into 2015, here is a roundup of our top ten most memorable rescues: Read more »

Nilgai Rescued From Baipur

By Shruti Prabhala 

It was an eventful day for the Wildlife SOS rescue team in Agra as they received a call from the District Magistrate’s office concerning a Nilgai found in Baipur. Mr. Jagrup Yadav came across a female Nilgai who had met with a severe accident which completely damaged one of her eyes. Read more »

New Year Calls for Another Python Rescue

By Shruti Prabhala

This New Year brought a surprise visitor to a village in Mathura. A seven foot long python was found by one of the villagers who immediately contacted the forest officer of the Mathura Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh. The forest officer kept the villagers away from the surroundings while he reported the sighting to the rescue team of Wildlife SOS. Read more »

Three Large Python Snakes Rescued In Last One Week In The Capital

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

The sighting of a giant python at the DND Flyover brought traffic there to a halt. There was mayhem after the unusually large reptile was spotted on the bridge. The Wildlife SOS 24 hour rescue helpline 9871963535 was flooded with "distress calls" this week. In this week alone, Wildlife SOS came to the aid of three giant Pythons ranging between 8 to 12 feet. In the most recent incident on December 17th, a python was spotted on the DND flyover. The well-trained team from the Wildlife SOS, managed to restrain the giant snake, which weighed close to 23 kg. Read more »

Eight foot Python snake joins Chhath Puja prayers on Yamuna bank

The sighting of a large eight foot long python snake on the yamuna river banks where the chhath puja rituals are performed by thousands of devotees caused mayhem. Wildlife SOS was contacted and the snake was rescued safely. Read more »

Wildlife SOS rescued a Cobra from Delhi Metro Station

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

Wildlife SOS's 24 hour animal rescue helpline responded to a distressed call from the Yamuna Bank Metro station office, Delhi about a Cobra spotted in the premises. Wildlife SOS received a call at 11 pm about a 4 feet long Cobra that had strayed in Yamuna Bank Metro station. The Wildlife SOS team led by Harshad Solanki, Rescue coordinator along with other team members rushed to the spot.  Read more »

Cobra Rescued from Snake Charmer

by- Amanjeet Kaur

Earlier this month, the team of Wildlife SOS recieved a phone call from forest ranger Mr. R K Sharma, that a snake charmer was spotted at the mall road oposite Mughal hotel in Agra city. A snake rescue team of three- Mr Bhushan Kumar, Mr Sakir and Mr Reddy was deployed at the above mentioned location followed by the rescue of a Cobra snake from the snake charmer. The offender was handed over to the Forest Department for further investigation.  Read more »

Freed from a snake charmer

By Prathamesh Desai

A couple of days ago, a rat snake that was 6.5 ft. long was rescued from a snake charmer.  Baiju Raj, a wildlife biologist with Wildlife SOS who has always had a special affection for reptiles, saw the snake charmer at a local market.  'The charmer' was using the snake to beg for tips.  The rat snake was seized and was taken to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility to be evaluated by a veterinarian.   Read more »

Cobra removed by Wildlife SOS after biting an air force officer

By Resham Beri

Wildlife SOS's 24 hour animal rescue helpline responded to a distressed call from the Air Force Station in Rajokri, Delhi on their wildlife helpline about a cobra spotted on the premises.

The Wildlife SOS team rushed to the Air Force Station but before our team could get there, one of the air force officers attempted to capture the cobra and got bitten on his right index finger. Thankfully, the officer Sgt Horo did not panic and tied a tourniquet around his finger to stop the venom from spreading throughout his body. Read more »

An unusual rescue of a snake in Kashmir

By Aaliya Mir

A snake was recently rescued in the foothills of Koh-e-Maran in the old city near a revered shrine called 'Makhdoom Sahib.'  The snake came to the attention of Wildlife SOS after it had appeared in the garden of Mr. Tariq Ahmed Baba on September 25th.  Snakes are not common in that region and therefore its presence created panic which resulted in a few of the residents evacuating their homes.  Read more »

A Man Who Will Go to the ends of the Earth to help wildlife

                                                       Read more »

A joint effort to stop an Inhuman Tradition!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan Read more »

Christmas Surprise! Cobra On a Bike!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan 

What would stop you from getting home to a warm couch on a chilly winter evening?? Perhaps a four foot cobra sitting on your bike!!!

Our Christmas Surprise was a call that came from the Delhi Metro Rail Depot when an employee jumped off his bike after hearing a hiss from the engine. Mr. Shekar, an employee of the Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation was about to jump on his bike and get to his warm home after a long work day, when he heard a hiss from his bike. He wondered what in the world that sound could be and bent down to check where the sound had come from. He screamed and moved away from his bike when he saw a spectacled Cobra coiled up on his engine, warming itself! Read more »

Giant Pythons and Bewildered farmers!

  By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

The first time we heard of ‘Gadauli’ village in Uttar Pradesh, a few hours from the Taj Mahal was when we heard about a giant python having moved in! The entire village was abuzz with news of a python who decided to take up residence in their village! A senior forest officer at Agra had received information that a twelve foot long reptile was in the village and if something was not done very soon, the local villagers who were under the impression that the snake was dangerous, may kill the snake. This was cause for concern! Read more »

Giant Reptilian visitor paralyses South Delhi's Nelson Mandela Marg

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

One breezy October morning saw hundreds of people gather on Nelson Mandela Road.They were witnessing a first of its kind! A seven foot python snake was spotted on a tree.

Frantic calls started pouring into the Wildlife SOS Helpline all explaining how the python was on a compound wall. 

The Wildlife SOS Helpline team led by Harshad Solanki along with other team members reached the spot where the large snake was seen on a compound wall at Nelson Mandela road, opposite a famous mall in Delhi. The WSOS team climbed the high wall to try and rescue the snake. The presence of hundreds of people frightened the snake which immediately proceeded to rapidly climb a tall tree next to the wall. Read more »

Python rescued from DND flyover

Python rescued from DND flyover

Reptiles hibernate in winter as we all know but contrary to beliefs Reptiles also like to come out occasionally and sun themselves in the mild winter sun.
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Reptile Conservation Program at JNU

Reptile handling at Delhi’s elite Jawaharlal Nehru UniversityWildlife SOS recently organised an awareness and training program in Reptile handling at Delhi’s elite Jawaharlal Nehru University.  Read more »