Wildlife SOS recognizes that human caring and understanding is crucial to saving wild animals and protecting the habitats they need to survive. We work in both rural and urban communities to educate people about the surrounding environment and the animals. Education takes many forms, from showing people the little things they can do to help the environment to techniques for avoiding human wildlife conflicts. Wildlife SOS has also been working to resolve man-wildlife conflicts by educating villagers, tribal communities and farmers who live in conflict zones.

Wildlife SOS has been conducting awareness programs to educate the public and encourage responsible community participation in conservation initiatives such as tree plantation drives in association with the school authorities of Jammu & Kashmir, cleaning plastics from Bannerghatta to cleaning the Dal Lake with schools and colleges. Students and volunteers learn about animal conservation and behavior and going forward these students organize rallies to grow awareness about wildlife conservation and protection amongst their communities. We work towards educating local village communities, school children and college-aged youth about avoidance behavior in the presence of bears and other wild animals and sustainable livelihood without destroying the environment or encroaching the buffer areas.


Wildlife SOS is also known for holding exhibitions and stalls to spread awareness about wildlife conservation among the masses as well as working with local communities and stakeholders educating and empowering them to patrol and protect their forests .

Environmental Rally (6)

Workshops are held regularly with Law officers, Forest Department Enforcement Officers, Police and Customs officers to make them learn about wildlife trade, recognition of contra-band, simple knowledge of law in the fields, conflict management and rescue techniques in order to mitigate animal-human conflict.

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