The Dachigam Rescue Center was established by the Jammu & Kashmir Government and Wildlife SOS has been responsible for the upkeep of the rescued/abandoned bears at the center since 2007. The center for rescued wild animals at Dachigam presently has five moon bears which are kept in recently constructed enclosures. The center is maintained properly for the better caring as per the IUCN standards. The center is located at the foot hills of Dachigam National Park and serves as a great pleasure for the visitors and students from the educational Institutions who visit the Park. The facility creates positive impacts such as raise the awareness among the people on bears and the stern role they play in maintaining ecological balance.

Our main activities at these facilities has been the management of well-being of animals which includes feeding, cleaning, provision of enrichment in the enclosures and most importantly the health care of the housed bears. Apart from this, the staff of Wildlife SOS always finds the opportunities to interact with the visitors to raise awareness on bears who unfortunately have suffered the most than any other wild species due to the ongoing man wild animal conflict in the state. The main objective of these interactive sessions is to sensitize the visitors for nature conservation. The live demonstration on various aspects of bear behaviors also helps to negate the various miss conceptions among the people regarding the bears.