Geeta  Seshamani

Geeta Seshamani is the acting Senior Wildlife Conservationist, Co-Founding Director and Secretary of Wildlife SOS. Established in 1995 and based in New Delhi, India, the organization has the objective of protecting India’s Environmental and Wildlife resources from unsustainable exploitation and it is well-served by Mrs. Seshamani’s steadfast commitment.

In additional to earning a BA and an MA from Lady Sri Ram College and studying at the University of Minnesota, Mrs. Seshamani has been promoting animal welfare and advocating for wildlife conservation for over thirty years. She is a Member of the CPSCEA for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Experimentation and member of Wildlife Crime Bureau. She is a past Member of the Central Zoo Authority of the Government of India and the Animal Welfare Board of India where she served 3 terms. In addition to her responsibilities to the aforementioned organizations she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the Gargi College at Delhi University. She has trained with the RSPCA, UK and was a Master Trainer for the Animal Welfare Board of India for six years. She is also trained in SPARKS software for Wild Animal Stud Book Management (Kolner, Germany).


Mrs. Seshamani has also worked with “Friendicoes Society for Eradication of Cruelty to Animals” since 1979 and currently serves as Vice President of that organization. In cooperation with the RSPCA, U.K. and AWBI, Friendicoes developed and launched 68 animal welfare training protocol programs across India between 1993 and 1999. Friendicoes is an Associate Society of RSPCA, UK and a Member Society of the World Society for Protection of Animals, UK. The organization has run a free mobile medical clinic for equines since 1984. They contribute to the prevention of suffering by facilitating the spay/neuter of 1500 stray dogs and cats each month. In addition to housing 1200 disabled, stray animals in a sanctuary outside Delhi, Friendicoes staffs an Animal Helpline and runs animal rescue ambulances within the nation’s capital and its environs for all abused, sick and injured animals.


She and her Wildlife SOS Co-Founder Kartick Satyanarayan have established the following facilities in collaboration with State Governments:

  1. The Agra Bear Sanctuary
  2. The Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center
  3. The Bhopal Bear Rescue Center
  4. The Purulia Bear Rescue Center
  5. The Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of Haryana
  6. The Elephant Rescue Transit Facility in Mathura
  7. The Leopard Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of Maharashtra
  8. The Moon Bear Orphanage & Rehabilitation Center of Jammu and Kashmir

She is co-author of Dancing Bears of India and Trade in Bears and Their Parts in India: Threats to Conservation of Bears. Winner of the inaugural Planman Media Award for Environmental Activism (2009), the Karamveer Puraskar Award (2009), Limca’s “People of the Year” Award (2014), the prestigious “Pehal Award” by Zee News (2004) and two-time winner of The Elisabeth Lewyt Award for Disaster Management and Planning; lauded guest speaker at innumerable global conferences, Mrs. Seshamani is a tireless Animal Rights Activist demonstrating lifelong devotion to the protection and well-being of all living things.