We will have more details and photos in the days to come, but we wanted to share this news right away! Just a few hours ago, circus elephants Mia and Sita were loaded onto rescue vehicles in Tamil Nadu! 

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Mia and Sita are both in their 50s, and are in critical need of some good veterinary care and some good rest.
Mia, the more spirited of the two, has developed cloudiness in her eyes. She has significant, painful swelling in both hind feet, as well as abscesses in her toenails – all of which contribute to making her gait severely abnormal.
Sita is more mild mannered than Mia, but no less in need of rescue. Her right front leg never healed properly from an old fracture and she cannot bend it. Her left front leg is hyperextended, putting pressure on her foot, which has led to nail cracks and abscesses. Because of these problems, she has likely not been able to lie down and rest properly in more than a year!

They need foot baths with healing oils… soft surfaces and long hours in a pool that takes the weight off their feet. 
Will you donate today to give them the veterinary care and the peaceful retirement they deserve?
If we can find 400 people to become monthly donors of at least $10/month to our circus elephant campaign, we can cover all of Mia and Sita’s ongoing expenses. Will you be one of the 400? 
A year with no proper rest. 50 years in a circus. Thank you for helping us bring these elephants home. 
When we launched our circus elephant campaign nearly a year ago, 67 elephants were living in Indian circuses. So far this year, you’ve helped us rescue 7 of them.  Together, we have rescued more than 10% of India’s circus elephants in just one year! Thank you!