Short Visit To The Agra Bear Rescue Facility

You can enjoy a personal guided tour at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility. We offer a 2-hour “short visit”, giving you insight and personal exposure to the world of sloth bears. The visit includes:

  • A video presentation on the “dancing” bears and a discussion with our experts on the challenges of bear conservation in India.
  • Interaction with bear keepers and the opportunity to watch our bears from close quarters.
  • Learning about the feeding habits of the Sloth bears in the wild and the diet of Sloth bears in captivity and the chance to experience their unique world as they play, forage for their feed, climb trees and dig in the ground.
A Day Visit To The Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Get up close and personal with the sloth bears living at the world’s largest sloth bear rescue facility. Spend a day with the experts and learn about these amazing animals.
A full day visit includes:

  • Hands-on experience in building enrichment devices and hammocks for the bears to sleep in.
  • The unique opportunity to observe the veterinarians perform treatment on a bear at the hospital.
  • Bird watching by boat on the river Yamuna. See migratory birds in season and turtles sunbathing. Across the river, enjoy sightings of antelope, wild boar and other wildlife.
  • Enjoy hot cups of tea, share a delicious vegetarian meal with the Wildlife SOS team and end the day by taking away souvenirs from the gift shop- stocked with handicrafts made by the women of the rehabilitated Kalandar community.
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