Short Visit To The Elephant Conservation and Care Center

A 2- hour “short visit” to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Agra will provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime: to meet and interact with rescued elephants and to learn more about the Earth’s largest land mammal. Visit includes:

  • A complete Education Tour of the facility by the volunteer coordinator.
  • Feeding time. After unloading and distributing fruit treats you will have a chance to feed the elephants.

A Day Visit To Elephant Conservation and Care Center

For those ready to engage in a full day of learning, fun and interaction with these beautiful animals, we also offer a full day visit.
A full day visit includes the opportunity to:

  • Meet our elephants and listen to stories of their rescues and understand the challenges of Elephant Conservation in India.
  • Prepare for the day by helping the keepers cut fruits and plan the enrichments that keep the elephants foraging for their feed throughout the day.
  • Help the vet treat the elephants. Many of the elephants still suffer from the physical & psychic abuse caused by their previous owners and need care and attention. You can assist in providing this life-changing care for our herd.
  • You will have the unique opportunity to observe and interact with the elephants in an informal setting. Walk with them through fields accompanied by our trained elephant keepers and watch the gentle giants as they enjoy a mud bath, pull down branches and scratch themselves against the trees.