Although banned by the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, the practice of snake charming is still active in rural parts of India. Every year, thousands of snakes are poached from the forests by certain tribes for snake charming. Due to the rise in awareness, conservation efforts & stringent law enforcement, the practice has declined in big urban cities.

Still, every year, Wildlife S.O.S rescues a large number of snakes from snake charmers who come to the city to entertain tourists especially during festivals like Nag panchami.

The most commonly used snakes by snake charmers are Cobras, Pythons, Sand-Boas and Rat Snakes.

The endless cycle of snake-charming is one of the major reasons of disappearance of snakes from the Indian forests.

Wildlife S.O.S requests you to NEVER pay to watch snake charming. It is an illegal practice. Rather, you should reprimand the charmer and inform law enforcement. That way the snake can be rescued and released back to the wild. Contact us at our Helpline Numbers.