Wildlife SOS supports the education of nearly 1360 children from the Kalandar tribe. We discovered long ago that taking a holistic approach to preventing the exploitation of wild animals is one key to long term success. For hundreds of years, people from the Kalandar tribe made a living by holding sloth bears captive, abusing them, and forcing them to perform. Now, Wildlife SOS has rescued the bears, set up the adults in the community with different vocations, and helps educate their children, so that there is never again a need for a sloth bear to suffer at the hands of someone in this community.By sponsoring a child, you are supporting a cruelty-free future.

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10-year-old Zeba was abandoned by her mother and shortly thereafter her father died. She lives with her elderly grandparents who have a severely limited income and are unable to pay for her schooling without help. Zeba loves to study and wants to become a teacher when she grows up. Please assist us in providing the best possible education for Zeba and help us to empower her to follow her dream to educate others.

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At 11-years-old, Asif is the eldest son amongst four siblings. His father, a member of the Kalandar tribe, passed away, leaving behind his wife with four children and a lot of debt. Asif’s mother, Sayeeda works as domestic help, cleaning utensils and clothes to feed her family. Sadly, the cost of the children’s schooling is too expensive for this hard-working mother. By sponsoring their life-changing education, you can help us provide a brighter future to Asif and his siblings.

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Saleha is 16 years old and has just shifted to a new school so she can study Science (including Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and eventually fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. This dedicated young girl nabbed a coveted spot in the science stream because of her outstanding marks the previous year, when she stood second in her class.

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Azam is currently entering kindergarten and has expressed thorough excitement about going to school. This lovable five-year old is the son of a Kalandar who now works as a driver to earn money to feed and care for his family.
As much as they might like to, Azam’s parents are finding it impossible to fund their child’s education. Azam enjoys studying English and Math, but his favourite part of kindergarten is doing puzzles! He wants to become a brave, strong policeman one day.

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Sehnaz is a bright little girl, she is the daughter of a poor scrap-collector, Salim, from Haryana, India. She is presently 7 years old and studying in Kindergarten. She is very interested in her studies, and would like to finish her education. Because he could not afford the fee, her father was initially reluctant to send her to school, but was easily convinced when Wildlife SOS offered to cover the cost.

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*To assist the greatest number of animals in need, and to make sure your gift does the most good, your donation will be used in combination with other sponsorship gifts to fund Wildlife SOS programs.