The primary reason for the founding of Wildlife SOS has been to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in distress in both urban and rural environments. Wildlife SOS rescues a number of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife found in cities and locations from wherever they work in India. Injured animals are given medical treatment and many are released back into the wild. Where this is not possible, permanent homes are provided for the animals at one of our many rescue facilities.

Although Wildlife SOS is mainly known for our work of rescuing and rehabilitating ‘dancing bears’ or Sloth Bears, we also have active projects to help Leopards and Black Bears which are a caught or involved in human-wildlife conflict situations in several states. Captive Elephant welfare and rescuing performing elephants is something Wildlife SOS has been associated with for many years. We also work on various projects targeted at environment and biodiversity conservation, as well as, reducing our carbon footprint.

Wildlife SOS has formal ‘co-operative’ agreements in place with state governments and forest departments in more than nine states in India to help rescue and rehabilitate the animals in distress. Wildlife SOS works in many areas including the Jammu Kashmir area of India where human conflicts with Asiatic black bears and leopards have become far too common, and unfortunately often end badly for both people and wildlife. The Wildlife SOS program includes educating the people through a series of workshops which explain how to avoid such negative encounters.