Chanchal’s Eight-Year Long Journey with Wildlife SOS, by her Keeper!

For Chanchal’s keeper, Manekchand, there was nothing but immense love for animals that guided him through his life. Six years ago, when Manekchand joined Wildlife SOS, he felt an instant connection with Chanchal as he would witness her splash around in her pool and give her dear friend, Bijli, tough competition for getting treats from her pipe[…]

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Year of rescue: 2012 Age at the time of rescue: 16 years Sex: Female Personality traits: Mischievous and playful Recognisable features: Ends of both her ears are torn; symmetrical depigmentation on the borders of her ears Present health condition: Presently not undergoing any treatment; medicated foot bath for her feet[…]

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“Quirky” Elephant of the Month: Chanchal

One look at Chanchal and you know, she is onto planning some mischief in her head. As she eyes the tyres in her enclosure and patiently waits for her pipe-feeders to be refilled, Chanchal has already planned her next move to finish Bijli’s pipe-feeder as well! One look at Chanchal and you will not believe that she was once the victim of a[…]

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Chanchal- the water baby

By Steffi Joseph Playful as ever, Chanchal has lived up to her name with her daily antics, winning hearts every day.  Our 17- year old is a water baby and spends much time rolling in the pond.Her name is just enough to bring a grin on the face of our vets and mahouts. Chanchal was rescued on the 30th of June, 2012 after a road accident in Noida.[…]

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Chanchal’s Delhi Belly

By Resham Beri, Chanchal, one of our rescued elephants  is currently under going treatment for a digestive disorder.   We began to worry about her well being yesterday morning when she was uncharacteristically disinterested in food.    When she continued to reject fruits and other food throughout the day, the concern for her health[…]

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A Miraculous Escape! “Rescue of Chanchal Elephant”

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan On the morning of 29th June 2012 a very tragic accident was witnessed in Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi. A speeding truck hit two elephants walking without reflectors, killing one elephant and injuring the second elephant severely! The mahouts of both elephants were injured and the truck driver vanished from the crime[…]

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2021 COVID Updates

May 31st, 2021 Our resident leopard, Shivani, suffers from a physical disability and can be seen resting here. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS/Akash Dolas] This week, an update comes your way from the Western Ghats of the country, that have braved the dual wrath of nature - first, with COVID19 strengthening its grips and the other, Cyclone Takutae. […]

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Year of rescue: 2020 Age at the time of rescue: 50 years old Sex: Male Personality traits: Calm but can get moody  Recognisable features: Significantly torn ears resembling Chanchal’s; tall stature; small tusks Present health condition: Septic spiked chain wounds on his hind limbs, overgrown and disfigured[…]

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Happy Tenth Rescueversary Bijli!

Bijli, whose name means ‘lightning’ in Hindi, truly lives up to her name and is always keeping her companions and caregiver on their toes with her antics. This gentle giant has undertaken a journey of ten years to recover from a tumultuous past and has transformed into a strong, confident elephant. Here’s  celebrating the[…]

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