An Update On Emma’s One-Month Progress At Wildlife SOS

Following a whirlwind rescue operation to get Emma to safety at the start of the new year, we are  thrilled to celebrate her first month of freedom! Emma was forced to walk from one village to another by her owner. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS/Mradul Pathak] Having embarked on a forty-hour long journey to reach the Elephant Hospital, our[…]

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Year of arrival: 2021 Age at the time of arrival: 40 years-old Sex: Female Personality traits: Curious and calm  Recognisable features: Slight depigmentation on the borders of the ears, hole in the right ear due to piercing, lifts her forelimbs due to pain and discomfort, light-coloured eyes with specs of green Present[…]

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Follow Emma’s journey home to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital

In the aftermath of Jai's successful rescue in record time, we are embarking on a new mission. At the cusp of 2021, our team is on its way to save Emma, an approximately 40-years old elephant who needs our help. Emma’s feet are in terrible condition and she lies down at every chance she gets just to avoid the pain. We know it has been just a […]

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One Month Into Jai’s Healing Journey

The past one month has been a whirlwind of a journey at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital as we settled Emma into her new home and watched Jai make remarkable progress under our care. The year 2020 was indeed a challenging one, with the pandemic hitting hard and abruptly halting life as we know it. Despite these hurdles, the Wildlife SOS team[…]

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COVID-19 Update – January 2021

Going into 2021 the pandemic continues to affect the way we live our lives and the experiences we have access to. Our devoted animal care team have ensured that all of our animals have continued to experience the very best of care, as always. We are also pleased and proud to have been able to rescue more elephants during this most difficult of[…]

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Bid to be Wild! Our best auction yet.

The 7th Annual “Bid To Be Wild” Online Auction ran from May 11 – May 22, 2020. In twelve days, you helped us raise over $100K for wildlife! We had hundreds of handmade gifts and artwork available for purchase which was kindly donated by generous supporters all across the globe. Wildlife SOS is overwhelmed with gratitude to all the[…]

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Kalandar – Haider

Haider's family was barely able to make ends meet and he could not even think of going to school and learning. He would often linger back and help his parents with daily chores and had put aside his dreams and ambitions. Wildlife SOS found out about Haider’s dilemma and decided to invest in his education in Bhopal, Madhya[…]

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Freedom To Roam For 19 Wild Elephants In Chhattisgarh

Nestled in the river basin of the mighty Mahanadi river, the district of Mahasamund has found itself faced with a unique and complicated dilemma. The region had not seen any wild elephants till a few years ago, when not one, but nineteen elephants wandered into the area and decided to make it their home. The elephants were faced with unfamiliar[…]

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