Nina’s Bell Removal At The Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital

The rescue and rehabilitation of an ailing elephant lays the foundation of their first steps to freedom in a new, kinder life. These elephants have been reduced to mere commodities their whole life, being worked to a breaking point in spite of suffering from a host of serious diseases. In the month of June, our team saved the life of one such[…]

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An Update On Nina’s One-Month Progress

Quietly walking around her enclosure and taking relaxing dust baths, the past one month has been life-altering for Nina, to say the least. One month ago, Nina’s life was completely different; an anxious, ailing elephant who had just arrived at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital, with a host of chronic issues causing her discomfort and[…]

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Blind Elephant Nina, Arrives At The Elephant Hospital

As a colourful chalk reaches dangerously close to her damaged eyes, she flinches a little at the odd feeling but cannot step away from it. Shortly after, ornate garbs are placed over her weak and emaciated body and a heavy saddle is fitted atop her protruding spine. This has been Nina’s reality for many years now—an elephant reduced to a mere […]

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Year of arrival: 2021 Age at the time of arrival: Approximately 60 years Sex: Female Personality traits: Docile and calm  Recognisable features: Depigmentation on both eyes; symmetrically depigmented borders on both ears; Depigmentation patch on shoulders Present health condition: Suffers from complete and irreversible[…]

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Follow Nina’s Journey to Wildlife SOS

Nina's right rear leg joints appear to be fused. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS] May 25, 2021 - We don’t know how long it’s been since Nina was allowed to rest. Her work never stops. Blind, elderly, severely malnourished, and suffering from injuries, arthritis and fused joints in her legs, she has been forced to keep going. The sharp stab of a[…]

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Socialisation Of Rescued Elephants At Wildlife SOS

Elephant herds are the living examples of the strongest familial relationships in the wild, each member of the herd has a role to play to ensure that the herd is safe. For an animal that thrives in the company of similar majestic beings, a life in captivity is nothing short of torture and injustice. This is precisely why, when rescued elephants,[…]

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Protecting Wildlife Through CSR Approach

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach involving the concept of sustainable development to the corporate world. It is also often referred to as business responsibility and an organization’s action on environmental, ethical, social and economic issues. The term CSR itself came into common use in the early 1970s. However, […]

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“Why haven’t you removed the bell around that elephant’s neck?”

One of the most common questions we get after saving an elephant is, “why does she still have a bell on?” It’s an emotional subject because after all, it’s a symbol of their brutal life laboring on the streets. Despite their size and weight, elephants can walk very quietly. When they’re in an unnatural setting like a busy city,[…]

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World Environment Day At Wildlife SOS

World Environment Day is a day to celebrate life and to take action towards restoring our planet. This year's World Environment Day theme was Ecological Restoration, which means taking a strong initiative to prevent, reverse and put a stop to practices that exploit nature. A healthy ecosystem can immediately enhance the lives of several […]

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2021 COVID Updates

July 1st, 2021 The month of June has kept the animal care staff and the rescue staff on their toes! On the World Environment Day, this year, Wildlife SOS rescued a blind elephant named Nina in urgent need of medical care and attention at the geriatric age of 60 years. Nina spent her entire life navigating through narrow streets and busy roads[…]

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