Everyone’s Favourite “Nut Herd” Completes 5 Years at Wildlife SOS!

It seems not long ago that circuses across the country would be jam-packed with an audience ranging from toddlers to older people who would eagerly anticipate a jumbo wearing colourful jackets walking into the performing area to stand on its two legs or lift a human up with their dexterous trunks! By the end of the show, when everyone would have[…]

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Celebrating Second Rescue Anniversary; Update On The Nut Herd Members!

With the summer of 2015 came warm sunshine and big changes at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Mathura – as not one, but four, new elephants made their way to their forever home at the Wildlife SOS rescue centre in northern India. Travelling all the way from the west Indian state of Maharashtra, these four elephants were not just the[…]

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Year of rescue: 2015 Age at the time of rescue: 18 years old Sex: Male Personality traits: Playful and energetic  Recognisable features: Prominent, capped tushes Present health condition: Healthy; not undergoing any treatment except regular footbaths. Facility: Field of Dreams Favourite food: Green fodder[…]

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Year of rescue: 2015 Age at the time of rescue: 6 years Sex: Female Personality traits: Mischievous, playful Recognisable features: Small, no depigmentation and slightly torn ears at the top Present health condition: Not undergoing any treatment, healthy  Facility: Field of Dreams Favourite food:[…]

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It’s Peanut Day!

In April 2015, 6 year old Peanut  became the youngest elephant ever to be rescued by Wildlife SOS. Peanut was part of a group of four young elephants that had spent the entirety of their lives performing in a circus in the Indian state of Maharashtra. When not being made to perform demeaning and often dangerous tricks for the amusement of the[…]

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The Nutty Caravan Hits the Road for Home

Great news! The Nut Herd is currently on the road to their permanent home at our center in Mathura. When we rescued the four elephants from the Moonlight Circus in early April, their mental and physical health status was poor, so we decided to let them recuperate a bit before transporting them the 1400 km distance to join the Herd of Hope. They've […]

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Elephant of the Month: Macadamia

Five years ago, four battered, bruised and dispirited elephants were rescued from a circus in Maharashtra. These young elephants were illegally poached and trafficked across borders to be subjected to a lifetime of misery and were forced to perform unnatural tricks for an audience who knew nothing of the pain they were in. The rescue ended their[…]

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Children At Art Fest 2020 Bring Alive The Tales Of Wildlife SOS

What a beautiful thing to have, imagination, and there is none stronger than that which is lent wings by a child’s whimsy and innocence. At the Children’s Art Fest 2020, a land of imagination was built by youngsters – they told stories capturing the essence of Wildlife SOS rescues, they stitched quilts for the elephants under the care of[…]

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#SaveSuman Campaign

On September 27, 2011, in a dank and filthy circus camp in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, a 24 year old female elephant named Chanda gave birth to her second calf, a tiny baby girl named Suman. Suman’s father Bijli – a magnificent bull despite his missing left tusk – was also at the circus. Further off, her older sister stood restrained[…]

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Meet Mradul, Our Wildlife Photographer!

There’s a story behind every beautiful picture and every action packed video on the Wildlife SOS website and social media – and at the centre of that story is a photographer putting himself in some rather unruly positions to give the world a glimpse into the lives of our rescued animals and the work we do. Mradul Pathak has been a photographer […]

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