Year of rescue: 2017 Age at the time of rescue: about 45 years-old Sex: Female Personality traits: Shy and reserved Recognisable features: Perfectly depigmented borders on both ears Present health condition: Not undergoing any treatment presently; medicated foot baths for delicate and torn footpads Facility: Elephant[…]

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Our “Warrior” of the Month: Priyanka

With depigmentation bordering her perfectly symmetrical ears and her long lashes covering her eyes, when Priyanka steps out of her enclosure to indulge in a glorious dust bath, everybody wants to witness this sight, for this is the time that Priyanka is carefree and not a victim of her past that haunts her! This beautiful elephant is the glaring[…]

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Celebrating Priyanka’s First Year Anniversary!

Day after day for more than 40 years, Priyanka walked the hot, tarred roads inside the congested lanes of whatever cities, towns, and villages her "owner" demanded (she was in fact not legally owned). To him, this sweet elephant was nothing more than an ATM, a money-making machine to be used for begging on the streets — when she wasn't strapped[…]

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A Webinar On Priyanka’s Rescue

When we first spoke about Priyanka elephant in November of last year, we could only share a few pictures of her – blurred out or cropped – and tiny incomplete snippets of information. Talking about who she was, disclosing information or releasing her pictures in public would have been detrimental to her rescue, and would severely endanger the[…]

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Priyanka’s New Life At The Elephant Conservation & Care Center

It’s been around two weeks since Priyanka arrived at the safety of the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Mathura, giving us some time to really get to know the delightful new elephant in our care. She seems to be taking her time settling in at her new home, and is still a little cautious when approached by new people, but this is[…]

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Priyanka’s Story, Before & After The Rescue By Wildlife SOS!

For over 40 years, Priyanka knew no home. She spent most of her time on the dusty streets  begging for money from passersby, living in constant fear of the bull-hook that remained threateningly close by always ready to land a painful blow should she diverge from the mindless activity she was being forced to do. She gave rides to children and[…]

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Benefits of Laser Therapy for Our Rescued Animals

Laser therapy in pain management has been a technique in use since many years, especially for human patients who deal with chronic issues related to bones. However, with the passage of time, the model of laser therapy has been instrumental in spelling relief for animals as well. The term “laser” is an acronym for “light amplified by[…]

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Giving Tuesday – Monumental “Then and Now” Images

A huge thank you from Wildlife SOS for all your Giving Tuesday 2020 support! We shared some striking "then and now" videos and images that really demonstrate the impact we've all made in these beautiful animals' lives. If you missed them on our Facebook and Instagram pages, you can see them here. If you would like to support Wildlife SOS[…]

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Ramu’s Road to Recovery!

As  dawn breaks over the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Ramu, our majestic tusker, prepares himself for a day filled with fun activities such as dismantling enrichments in his enclosure and taking ample dust baths. At the tender age of 20 years, Ramu is the youngest bull elephant under our care and holds a special place in[…]

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Five Reasons Why You Should Never Ride Elephants If You Love Them!

There are countless reasons why you shouldn’t ride elephants.  Here are just 5 of our top reasons why you shouldn’t ride an elephant.  If you still aren’t convinced, please write to us at, and we will answer your questions.   Elephants- in order to make them ready for humans to ride means they[…]

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