Celebrating Rhea’s 5th Rescueversary!

By the time Rhea was rescued, she had lived over five decades in severe neglect and abuse as a performing elephant in a circus. Nobody is a stranger to the sheer brutality that is suffered by elephants for the sake of performing in front of an audience but for Rhea, the pain worsened after the curtains closed. She would be tethered to a filthy[…]

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Year of rescue: 2016 Age at the time of rescue: 53 years old Sex: Female Personality traits: Calm and reserved Recognisable features: Prominent right tush; depigmentation on the border of her ears Present health condition: Rhea is undergoing treatment for her toenail abscesses with medicated footbaths and antiseptic[…]

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‘A Friend Indeed’ Elephant of the Month: Rhea

Soundlessly they make their way to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre (ECCC), Mathura. Their pace is slow and comfortable. It appears that time has moulded itself to help them heal. Patience marks their every move for perhaps it was the best armour that they had for the best years of their life. The friendship of these two battered[…]

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Webinar On The Rescue of Rhea Elephant

The month of April marked yet another milestone for Wildlife SOS since the launch of our Circus Elephant campaign in 2015.  Our team of experts and veterinarians embarked on an epic journey to rescue our 8th circus elephant – Rhea and bring her home to our elephant haven in Mathura. After spending nearly 53 years as a performing elephant where[…]

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Rhea’s Journey To Freedom

We've got some great news to share with you about Rhea, the circus elephant in Tamil Nadu who we've been trying to reunite with her sisters, Mia and Sita, at our center in Mathura. She has been rescued by our team and has been loaded on the truck safely, packed with loads of fresh fruits and buckets of water to keep her tummy full and hydrated[…]

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Rhea’s Life So Far In Captivity…

For nearly all 53 years of her life, Rhea has been a circus elephant, facing horrific abuse and neglect. Possibly poached from the wild as a calf, torn away from her family and herd, she spent the early childhood years of her circus life being beaten into submission, punished regularly and deprived of food and water. She was kept tied in confined[…]

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All You Need To Know About The Bird Flu

The new year has been welcomed with high hopes and the unkindly return of the Bird Flu also called the Avian Influenza or H5N1. The origin of bird flu can be traced to the late 1990s when the outbreak was first noticed in geese in China. Bird flu was labeled “highly contagious” by scientists and rapidly spread among birds and poultry. The[…]

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8 Year Old Xavi’s Fundraiser For Elephants

We at Wildlife SOS take immense pride in our young wildlife warriors. Their passion and dedication to helping conserve and safeguard nature are truly inspirational.  We take this opportunity to talk about young Xavi, an eight-year-old British schoolboy with learning difficulties who is spearheading a campaign in his school to support our[…]

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Saying goodbye to Ginny with a heavy heart

We've recently received more devastating news. Soon after Charlie's untimely demise, we have also lost Ginny to the same disease. It is much harder to reconcile with Ginny's loss at the moment because it comes so close to the heels of Charlie's passing. The two adopted siblings lost their lives within weeks of each other to something as[…]

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Mia Celebrates Her Rescueversary With a Jumbo Feast

As gentle rumbles puncture the dawn at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, 47-year-old Mia can be seen against the horizon with her constant companion Rhea, both of them walking at a slow, measured pace. Having reached the last leg of their daily walk, the two suddenly caught a whiff of something interesting; they sauntered off[…]

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