Off Comes Zara’s Bell!

In the day and age of technology, no distance seems too much as we connect to our dear ones through video calls across various platforms! For us, the dearest ones are the rescued animals under our care, who we are unable to meet as regularly as we would, owing to the travel restrictions levied since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic. The[…]

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One Month Into Zara’s Journey With Wildlife SOS!

Taking timid steps into her new surroundings, a month ago, Zara walked out of the Elephant Ambulance and straight into our hearts! Her largely compromised gait and her frail structure spoke volumes on how she was in dire need of medical attention. Ailing elephants that come to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital spend their initial few days[…]

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Zara begins her Healing Journey at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital!

For a weak, emaciated elephant, dragging herself through the day, with the overbearing weight of a carrier, will no longer be the cause of her misery. Her frail structure held testimony to the life that she lived as a begging elephant moving from pillar-to-post. We now call her “Zara” which means princess – something that she rightly would […]

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Year of arrival: 2020 Age at the time of arrival: about 21 years-old Sex: Female Personality traits: Calm and cooperative Recognisable features: A hole in her right ear Facility: Elephant Hospital campus Favourite food: Watermelons Closest to: Solitary in nature Favourite activities: Enjoys splashing around the water[…]

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Surreal Splash for Our Rescued Pachyderms!

Time and again, your feeds on social media will be filled with one of our rescued elephants splashing around in the pools in their enclosures or napping comfortably in it. More often than not, an image of our elephants completely submerged in water with just a trunk lazily hanging on the edge shows their complete relaxation and joy. In the[…]

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Meet Aaliya Mir, The Backbone Of The Wildlife SOS Kashmir Center

The small wooden boat rocks precariously as it navigates through the marshy water of the Hokersar Wetland Reserve. Aaliya Mir, perched on the edge of the boat, points out migratory birds as they fly out of the golden reeds and into the blue sky, against the stunning background of the magnificent snow-capped mountains of the Pir Panjal range.[…]

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Sibling Love

By Aaliya Mir February 7, 2014: Raja and Zara are three-year-old Moon Bears in Pahalgam. Rescued a little less than three years ago, these cubs would not have made it if Wildlife SOS had not intervened. The two siblings were found in the trunk of a hollow Chinar tree in the Tral area of the Shopian Division of Kashmir. The Tral area was[…]

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A journey of two moon bear cubs in photos

Over two years ago, two young moon bears were rescued from the trunk of a Chinar tree.  The two orphaned bears were then turned over to Wildlife SOS. In the hands of our caring staff they were nurtured back to health.  They were also named Raja and Zara. At the rescue center the cubs grew strong by climbing up the logs, playing on the swings[…]

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