An unusual rescue of a snake in Kashmir

September 30, 2013 | By wildlife@dmin
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By Aaliya Mir

A snake was recently rescued in the foothills of Koh-e-Maran in the old city near a revered shrine called ‘Makhdoom Sahib.’  The snake came to the attention of Wildlife SOS after it had appeared in the garden of Mr. Tariq Ahmed Baba on September 25th.  Snakes are not common in that region and therefore its presence created panic which resulted in a few of the residents evacuating their homes. 

Although these events are common in places like Delhi, this is the first time that an incident like this has been reported in an urbanised area of Kashmir.

The Wildlife SOS team consisting of Aaliya Mir, Tahir Gazanfar, Showket Ahmed and two volunteer Adan Qadri and Uzair Yaqoob, rushed to the spot as soon as they got the alarm call from one of the residents.  It took two hours for the team to locate the snake, but once they did they were able to safely rescue and remove the snake from the premise.  The snake was identified as being an Eastern Cliff Racer. The animal was then taken to the forest and a carefully released.

The residents of Mukhdoom Sahid were relieved the snake was caught and thanked the Wildlife SOS team for their professionalism and timely action for dealing with the situation.


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