Blind And Beaten – Lakhi’s Life Before Rescue

February 25, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin
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Blind and forced to work, Lakhi is a female elephant who was defeated by life’s injustices. Aged approximately 60 years old, Lakhi was used as a begging elephant and never allowed rest or given appropriate elephant food. Walking on the tar roads for years severely affected her foot pads and toe-nails. All four foot pads have chronic injuries in them that are rotting as no proper medical treatment was ever provided to Lakhi. Spiked chains consistently around her feet led to puncture, wounds and abrasion injuries. Lack of immediate foot care can cause an elephant to collapse due to feet problems such as severe fatal foot disorders, abscesses and tumors. Lakhi is just about surviving dehydration and injuries along with chronic illness.

Mishandled and whipped all her life, she has several wounds on her chest, forehead and back. A painful swelling on the left temporal region which is clearly visible, speaks for the torture she must have undergone. One such injury caused by her handlers seems to have affected her vision completely. Lakhi is blind in both the eyes and is constantly at the risk of serious accidents if not guided properly.

Currently, Lakhi is at a temporary shelter in Pune, where she is carefully being examined by our veterinarians to ensure that she is healthy enough to begin her journey to freedom. She will be travelling around 1400 kms from Pune to reach her new home, the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, located in Mathura.
We look forward to your continued support for Lakhi’s care and medical treatment as she is just second of the trio we planned to rescue. Any amount will help provide the good life she so deserves.

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