Damru’s shenanigans

March 12, 2015 | By dw
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Damru was rescued by the anti-poaching team of Wildlife SOS from a small village in Uttar Pradesh when he was a tiny 4 year old sloth bear and weighed very little at the time of the rescue. Apart from being one of the most active and healthiest bears in his enclosure weighing 120 kgs, Damru is also an excellent tree climber.

His enthusiastic and playful nature can be seen when he is among his best friends, Shyamu bear and Champa bear. Together they spend most of the day playing with the rubber ball or breaking enrichments and taking a stroll towards the forest. Damru’s favorite activity involves digging pits and hiding in them, mischievously watching his inmates and keepers search for him. He enjoys climbing trees frequently and is always the first to climb the platform and works very hard to break it. Of late his love for honey has become more evident as he does not allow any bear near the platform when the honey is spread. A big foodie, he relishes all his meals and absolutely savors watermelons.
Recently, his head was injured by one of the bear’s claws while he was playing with the other bears. After necessary treatments, he was kept under medication for 5 days until fit enough to be playing with his friends. Damru has now fully recovered and is back to being his jolly self. Thank you for helping us care for Damru and giving him the strength to lead a peaceful and comfortable life.

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