Jackal rescued from being lynched in the Capital!

March 1, 2011 | By wildlife@dmin
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 A morning call on the WSOS helpline a Jackal chased by a crowd in the Sangam Vihar area of the city had managed to elude his chasers and was hiding behind a shop. The shopkeeper, Mohd. Haneef, a kind man informed the police helpline who in turn diverted the call to Wildlife SOS. The caller said that the animal was struggling to keep standing on its feet and was drowsy, maybe owing to the gashing wound on the head that was bleeding profusely.

The Wildlife SOS team of Harshad Solanki and Lokesh rushed to the area equipped with cages, snares and basic first aid for the animal. Soon some constables from the local police station also arrived to assist in managing the gathering public.

When the team reached the location, the sight was not pleasant. A beautiful creature, an Indian Jackal lay lifeless and exhausted on one corner of the road, counting its last hours. Without wasting any more time, Harshad quickly captured the animal safely and put him in a transportation cage and rushed him to the veterinary officer at Friendicoes SECA, a sister organisation of Wildlife SOS.

The animal was making some feeble movements but otherwise was in intense pain and discomfort. He was terrified and hardly opened his eyes. The doctors quickly examined the 2 inch gaping wound over the forehead, which had exposed the skull and caused swelling. Antibiotics were administered and some lifesaving drugs quickly injected. A couple of hours  later the animal starting showing some will and aggression indicating that the painkillers has done the job and he was feeling better.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Cofounder & Chairman, Wildlife SOS said “The animal is under our care and is being monitored presently. All efforts will be made to rehabilitate him safely into the wild. We suspect he may have lost his way from the Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary and strayed into human habitation.”

“We are thankful to Mohd. Haneef for his timely call, co operation and assistance in the rescue. His kindness and sensitivity helped the animal to survive” said Harshad Solanki, Rescue Team member, Wildlife SOS.

A few weeks back Wildlife SOS Agra Rescue team, answering a similar SOS call from Amin Khan, rescued a female Jackal from the highway near the Sikandara area of Agra. The female Jackal was hit by a car and was lying in the middle of the road when Amin Khan and his friend were driving by. They stopped their car diverting traffic so that the Jackal was not run over by another car and promptly called the Wildlife SOS Agra Helpline. The Agra Rescue team reached the spot in no time and took the Jackal to the Wildlife SOS Agra centre in Keetham, Agra. She was later released in her natural habitat.

Wildlife SOS Anti Poaching team had also recovered a Jackal carcass from wildlife traders recently during a raid in the Delhi-Gurgaon border.

Indian Jackal (Canis aureus indicus) is protected under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. It’s a magnificent creature living mainly in the Aravalli ranges. Usually solitary by nature, these creatures sometime make small packs during tough seasons. Also being opportunistic feeders they show both the behaviour of a predator and a scavenger.

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