Wildlife SOS speaks at Techvaganza 13

September 3, 2013 | By dw
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Conserving wildlife requires a lot of the traditional methods of setting aside habitat that has minimal human disturbances as well as ensuring that the habitat is not polluted with toxins that can destroy whole ecosystems.  However, in this modern age where climate change is is an ever present threat and where habitats have many human disturbances, new technologies are needed to aid the plight of wildlife conservation.  That is why Wildlife SOS was very proud to participate in Techvaganza 13, which was recently held in Srinigar.

Techvaganza was a three day Mega Science Event that attracted top level technocrats from the state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as engineering students from across India.  Wildlife SOS representatives, Aaliya Mir and Tahir Gazanfar, gave a presentation on the human-wildlife conflict that threatens conservation for the region.  Then they challenged the participants to use their expertise to help develop ways to mitigate the problem.  The effort was considered a huge success because many of the talented and intelligent participants showed a strong interest in offering their support to help develop technologies to address the problems.

The Regional Wildlife Warden, Mr. M.A. Tak, who attended the programme also emphasized the need for efficient technology to overcome the human-wildlife conflict.  He noted that this was not just a local problem but a global problem of international concern.  Wildlife SOS is appreciative that he took the time to acknowledge the work that we have done to reduce human-bear conflict in the valley.

It was great to be a part of Techvaganza 13 and believe it is events like these that give greater hope to the future of wildlife conservation.

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