All-Star Tortoise Repatriation Just a Few Weeks Away

November 6, 2018 | By dw
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The All-Star tortoise repatriation is just a few weeks away! Soon, the first leg of a long journey home for 60 beautiful star tortoises will begin. Many of these tortoises were poached from the wilds, then smuggled 2,000 miles into Singapore, destined to disappear into the pet trade (or worse). Most of these gentle creatures would have fared very poorly in the hands of owners with no idea how to care for them. But instead, they are coming home!

Dolly always loves a good flower feast.

We have just the place in mind: a national forest where tortoises like Moose (seen in the top photo), Dolly (above), and Shelly can roam and munch and nap freely, protected from the reach of money-minded poachers. But first we need to get them home to India and build enclosures for them to slowly acclimate back to the forest area. Then off they go, finally living their lives as free tortoises again.

Shelly looks ready for a nap.

Your support has been instrumental in helping us make this happen for these sweet animals. We are still only halfway to our fundraising goal for this campaign, so if you haven’t had a chance to support them, please consider jumping in now for these sweet animals.

Thank you so much!


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