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May 6, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin
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Gail is a female sloth bear, who was rescued by Wildlife SOS in West Bengal when she was five years old and weighed only 60 kilos.Having been malnourished and poorly cared for since she was a cub, Gail was extremely small, showing stunted growth at the time of her rescue.  Wildlife SOS relocated Gail to their Agra Bear Rescue Facility to give her the care and nourishment she needed.

After her mandatory period in quarantine, Gail was released into a large, free-range enclosure at the facility. However, being smaller and weaker than the other sloth bears, she constantly found herself subjected to bullying, being picked on by the larger bears in the enclosure and generally unable to defend herself. In response, the veterinary staff at ABRF decided to shift the docile female to an enclosure with Julee, an active young female sloth bear with an otherwise mild temperament, who would pose no risk to her new companion.

Ten years on, the now fifteen year old Gail weighs a healthy 80 kilos and is thrilled with her independence in her space with Julee, whose company she seems to thoroughly enjoy, when she’s not spending hours playing with her favourite toy- a bamboo stick. She responds affectionately to her keepers and looks forward to feeding time, in particular her honey treats.

It is thanks to donors like yourself that Wildlife SOS can make a difference in the world of sloth bears like Gail. For this, we would like to express our gratitude for helping Gail live the healthy, happy life she deserves.

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