Built It and They Are Coming: First Residents Arrive at the Field of Dreams!

November 9, 2018 | By wildlife@dmin
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Dreams can become reality — and our elephant Field of Dreams is officially open! It’s been a long two years acquiring the land, building out the big elephant enclosures, sculpting the nature trails, and so on, but finally, this past weekend, the Field got its first two permanent residents: Raju and Gajraj! As of now they are busily exploring their new digs, which include a scenic river, abundant green native foliage, and soft soil that’s perfect for strolling. And of course they’re munching away on all the new greens!

Here are a few photos we’ve already snapped. But stay tune, there are many more to come as Raju and Gajraj start to get new neighbors moving in. And on behalf of all the eles, thank you so much for helping us make these dreams come true. 

Gajraj out for a casual stroll.
Raju enjoys some green munchies.
Hey, how do you like my new “digs”?

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Thank you so much, once again!


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