Why We Ask for Help (Doing the numbers)

November 24, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin

We realize that it can get tiresome seeing so many requests for donations. We just want to share with you some numbers that hopefully put the costs of elephant rescue, care and rehabilitation in perspective.

We are currently caring for 24 elephants. Each elephant cost $1000 a month to feed.  24 x $1000 = $24,000/ month.  $24,000/ month x 12 months = $288,000.

It will cost us $288,000 a year just to feed our 24 elephants. We would need 2000 people to pledge $10 a month in order to cover all of their food for one year.

And, remember, this only covers the cost to feed them.

As you likely know, we take on very geriatric, abused, injured and debilitated elephants. The cost of their medicine and care each month can be as much or more than the cost of their food. Therefore, for their medical care we need to raise the equivalent of the cost to feed them, or another $288,000/year.  This means we need an additional 2000 people to pledge $10 a month to cover the cost of their medical expenses.

Given these numbers, 24 elephants need 4500 people to pledge $10 a month to cover their ongoing medical and food expenses.

Each time we rescue an elephant, we incur legal fees to get the papers in order, we have to transport them to the facility, build new enclosure and hire new staff.  If we are limited in space, we also need to acquire land. This can run up to $110,000 per elephant.

There are a lot more elephants that we want to help; however, our family of supporters has to grow significantly with each rescue in order to be able to bring freedom.  If we are going to feel secure in rescuing more elephants, we need to know that every month we will have the money to feed and care for them, and the money up front to fight legal battles and prepare the facility for their arrival.

That is why we ask… we don’t ask for ourselves, we ask for them. Thank you for your support.

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