Meet Adelaide! Our Fun Buddy

April 11, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin
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When just three years old, Adelaide was rescued by the team of Wildlife SOS and the rope threaded through her muzzle was removed to live the rest of her life as a free sloth bear. Thin and scrawny at the time of the rescue and after spending 11 years at the rescue facility, she is now one of the healthiest bears in her enclosure. She found herself free to climb trees and forage at healthy nutritious meals for the first time.

Almost 14 years old now, Adelaide is like a princess among the other bears in her female-dominated enclosure. She is a delicate, dainty bear who is quite conscious about her health and keeps a regular check on her diet. She loves to eat mangoes, apples and gulps down an entire bowl of porridge within seconds! Adelaide enjoys playing the leader in her girl gang comprising of Maheshwari bear and Pinky bear. The three of them excitedly keep running around chasing monkeys and peafowls and are often referred to as Charlie’s Angels by the keepers at the centre. They love to mock wrestle with their comrades or bully the other bears in the enclosure.

A cheerful bear, Adelaide takes great pleasure in earning the respect of her keeper and fellow mates by destroying large platforms and shredding the jute bags containing groundnuts and dates placed in their enclosure. After doing so, she goes off to her throne, a hammock no one else dares to use, at the end of the morning for a deep and peaceful afternoon nap. Thank you for helping us care for Adelaide.


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