February 17, 2010 | By dw
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The most common monkey we encounter is the Rhesus Macaque. This species can be found in the northern parts of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Burma and in southern parts of China. In the wild they live in troops from around 20 to 180 monkeys. When they live in urban areas like Delhi, they are considered pests.

The main problem we encounter with these particular monkeys are people getting a baby monkey to keep as a pet. They unfortunately do not know how to care for the monkey nor do they know what to do with it when it grows bigger and becomes aggressive. They also break into people’s houses to steal what they can and cause trouble.

We also rescue Bonnet Macaques. These monkeys are native to the southern parts of India where they can be found living in forest, evergreen and in some urban areas. They live in troops, which range from around 5 to 80 monkeys, sometime more.

The main problems we encounter with the Bonnet Macaques are, as with the Rhesus Macaque, people keeping them as pets (which is illegal), buying them as babies and not knowing how to handle them when they become older and aggressive. Local people also buy these monkeys to take out begging to make money from tourists and attract people to their shop or stall. We also respond to many traffic accident cases with monkeys being hit in the road.

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