Rescued Sambar Fawn Released Back into the Wild!

February 22, 2010 | By wildlife@dmin
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rescued sambar

Wildlife S.O.S. vet Dr. Karabi Deka treated and released back into the wild, a 6 month old Sambar fawn brought to the Wildlife S.O.S. Junnar centre by Maharashtra Forest Department staff.

The 6 month old fawn was being attacked by feral dogs when local villagers came to its rescue in Ghatgarh area near Junnar, Maharashtra. The villagers handed over the badly injured fawn to the Forest Department staff who promptly delivered it to Dr. Karabi of Wildlife S.O.S.

Dr. Karabi of Wildlife S.O.S. said “The fawn had 2 major wounds and numerous other minor injuries when it came to us. The dogs had mauled it but luckily the villagers reached before they could do serious damage. The animal was much traumatized and in shock when it arrived.” But the fawn responded well to the ministrations of the Wildlife S.O.S. staff and was healed and ready to be released in no time. The fawn was released back into the wild after 11 days of its rescue. It was taken to the exact same place where it was found and released. It was with mixed feelings that the Wildlife S.O.S. team saw it walk back into the forest and rejoin the herd.

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