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November 1, 2021 | By Wildlife SOS
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Most people donate to a charity like Wildlife SOS because of their love of wildlife and their desire to make a difference for the animals in need. And we are so grateful for such compassion because it truly does make the world a better place for those we are able to help.

We encourage you to follow your heart in your charitable giving, but let’s also talk about some of the smartest ways to give. The following giving options can help you maximize your tax savings AND help your funds go farther for the animals that you care for:

Stock or Bitcoin donation

It’s been a great few years for stock and crypto currency holders with market valuations reaching record levels. Donating appreciated stock or crypto directly to Wildlife SOS means you get the double benefit of not paying capital gains tax on the donated asset and you are able to deduct the value of the asset as a charitable contribution.

QCD through your IRA

For donors aged over 70.5, donations directly from your traditional IRA to a qualified charity is not considered a taxable distribution – and effectively lowers the adjusted gross income (AGI) for the donor. And you can rest assured that Wildlife SOS in the USA is a qualified 501c(3)!

When donating via your IRA, please email with the details so we can send you a tax receipt! Contact your IRA administrator to make a direct donation with our EIN (#20-3274638) and address (406E 300S #302, Salt Lake City, UT 84111)

Not 70.5 yet? You can please consider making Wildlife SOS a beneficiary for your IRA.

We are DAF Friendly!

It’s easy to donate to Wildlife SOS via your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). You’ve already taken the first step of setting up a DAF for tax savings and ease of charitable giving. Now that it’s time to put those funds to work in making a difference! Just contact your DAF administrator and let them know you wish to make a grant to Wildlife SOS (EIN 20-3274638) It’s easy to donate via any of the above methods to Wildlife SOS. Please consult your tax advisor to figure out the best giving strategies for your situation. Questions on any of the above, contact Lavanya at or 619-634-3284.

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