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September 11, 2019 | By wildlife@dmin
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When she was 14 years old, Juliette West set out from California on a quest that would take her through Thailand to learn everything she could about the elephants and their plight. A small camera crew joined her, and the result is a movie that’s touching hearts and fueling action in the United States and around the world.

Early on in her journey, Juliette meets Asia’s famous “Elephant Lady,” Lek Chailert, who has risked her life and freedom for more than 30 years to protect elephants from illegal trade and abuse. Together, these two determined women from opposite ends of the earth work to save elephants, stopping at nothing to expose the dark secrets within entertainment and logging industries that are steeped in greed and corruption.

The two women have had some impressive successes. But elephants, as we know, are still being captured to meet the demands of increasing tourism and entertainment in countries such as Thailand, where they are severely mistreated and suffer malnutrition. Thousands more are pressed into hard labor in Myanmar to support the logging industry. As a result, wild populations are plummeting – from 100,000 at the start of the 20th century to a mere 5,500 today.

How I Became an Elephant has become the cornerstone of an inspiring program to save the world’s elephants before time runs out on them.

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