Wildlife S.O.S. Plays Mother to Hyena Baby

February 22, 2010 | By wildlife@dmin
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hyena baby

The Wildlife S.O.S centre in Agra received its first Hyena baby this week to the eager excitement of the staff and veterinary staff. The female baby who is about 3 weeks old was rescued by the local Forest Department from village Akola, about 30 kms from Agra.

The department received information from a veterinarian Dr. D. K. Gupta about a family in the village who was keeping the hyena baby in their house. When the forest department reached the village and identified the same, they had a lot of difficulty in taking it away from the family who apparently had begun to treat it as a pet. Prehrna hyenaAfter a lot of persuasion and explaining the Wildlife Act and the consequences of keeping a protected species as a pet the family agreed to surrender the hyena baby. They had given it a home when their children playing in the fields had brought it home having stumbled upon it in a shallow pit in the family’s agricultural land. The baby must have been dropped by the mother while being moved from one point to another.

The Forest department brought her straight to the Wildlife S.O.S. centre in Agra where Prerna Sharma of Wildlife S.O.S. said “The baby was suffering from severe constipation at the time of arrival, we have treated her and de wormed her. She is healthy and is now feeding on a diet of milk given every 3 hours.”

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