5th Grade Class Raises Awareness for Elephants

January 9, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin
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It is very heartwarming when we hear about children in different countries taking an interest in helping to protect wildlife. Recently we received a wonderful note from Maria Garcia, a 5th grade teacher at Finley Elementary School in Texas, USA.  Her class has been involved in several projects since the beginning of the year to help raise awareness of the plight of the world’s elephants. Here is what Maria had to say:

“Our 5th Grade Ecology Club students have been involved with elephants since the beginning of the school year. I organized a march to participate in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos on Oct. 4th, 2014. Since back then, the students had been involved researching the different species of elephants in the world and the causes for their poaching and near extinction. They created informational posters and a wide variety of art projects that are now in display in a cabinet at the entrance of our shcool. Several of the students also wrote speeches that were addressed to the attending community. What the students had to say was very impressive.

The children also got to watch the movie Askari (awesome movie). They got to see and learn about the elephants’ environment, poaching practices and saving efforts.

Our march was covered by a local tv station. The students that were interviewed spoke on behalf of elephants and rhinos as well. I’m so very proud of them. The children are enthusiastic and proud to be part of the effort to save our gentle giants.

A professional photographer attended the march and took so many awesome pictures of the march.

The school music teacher, Mr. Diego Garcia, who is also a local musician, created a beautiful song for our march that the Club has taken as our anthem.”  

We are thrilled to hear about this initiative with Maria Garcia and the Finnley Elementary School.  We hope to see more schools following their lead.

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