Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day with Poetry

July 28, 2021 | By Guest User
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World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated across the world on the 28th of July each year to celebrate our environment, the resources we rely on, and all that makes our planet unique. Each action we take to reduce our negative impact and choose sustainable practices can help secure a safer environment for future generations. 

This year we decided to celebrate this day by hosting a poetry competition for our supporters to express their inner poet in regards to Nature, Wildlife, or an issue they would like to bring to light. We have received several poems from all over, and choosing the top 3 has been nothing but challenging.

1st Place: Prabhakar M R

Nature’s call

When you felled a lovely tree I gave you more for free

When you dried up my rivers I filled them with my tears

You rendered them homeless, my many other children

You killed them for trophies, you killed them for fun

I sighed, I cried, but you didn’t want to hear

I showed you the signs, you didn’t seem to fear

I saw you a part of me, asked you to share it with all

But you wouldn’t have any of it, you said I am special

I have spent all my mercy, I have no more to show

When I show you my fury you’ll have nowhere to go

It is not ‘we’ anymore, now it is between you and me

This is my last call to you to live in harmony. 

2nd Place: Jasna Nambiar

The Tigress 

Behold! Her Glory, her robust Might,

Espionage in dark, swift to move, as silent and dead as night.

Not a person to spot those inky stripes, her perfect camouflage was beyond our sight;

Yet all sensed her instinctual predatory presence, as words of fear and rumors blight.

Unlucky of her; destined to savor human taste;

Alas! Victim to our relentlessly savage race; her fate entwines with nature’s disgrace.

A lurking man-eater on hunt! they’d say.

Laws enforced, teams dispatched; commanding her alleged ‘tranquil’- a deceptive brutal kill,

‘Who will bell the cat?’ A game of system disguised as goodwill?

Trace, track, dart, shot; Or trace, track, shot, dart; who knows but purpose fulfilled.

Jilted are only controversies, bound to no end,

#justicefortigress – twitter’s latest trend.

Forged is the question: Who really died that day?

A tigress, a mother of two per se.

A man-eater born and perished by humans, with all rules bend;

What’s next? Decide. Man v/s Wild or a Bond to Mend.

3rd Place: Uma Chandrasekar

When the Woods Talk

On a cozy trip to the rustic countryside,

Came across some beauties at every stride,

Made my way for the greensward,

Found some men with instruments walk around,

I took a step back to urge,

Not to destroy the wonder that took ages to emerge,

When suddenly I heard some whispers breeze past,

“It’s the time you start acting fast,

Through the natural calamities, loud I cry,

The worst days are not too far,

When surviving on me wouldn’t be possible

Because of your committed blunders that’s irreparable.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope you keep engaging with us by taking the conservation message along with you.

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