Rescues From The Helpline – May, 2021

July 1, 2021 | By Mahima Sharma
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Every month, we receive hundreds of calls regarding urban wildlife in distress. Wildlife SOS operates 24×7 emergency rescue helplines in three cities:

Delhi NCR – +91-9871963535

Agra & Mathura in Uttar Pradesh – +91-9917109666

Vadodara, Gujarat – +91-9825011117

If you come across any wild animal in distress, please alert our rescue team on these numbers as soon as possible!

The month of May has kept our rescue teams operating out of the three states, on their toes with constant calls of reptile sightings. There is a noticeable spike in snake sightings during these times as snakes are ectothermic which means that they need to use outside sources to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, on hot summer days, they seek out shade and shelter to stay cool.

In Delhi-NCR, our rescue team attended to a serious distress call of an Indian Rat snake trapped in a garden netting. The snake’s futile attempts to break free had resulted in the wires to tighten its grip around the body. To avoid harming or mishandling the snake the concerned residents reported the incident on the Wildlife SOS and two-member team from the NGO rushed to the location to carry out the rescue operation. The snake was rescued after 30 minutes of sincere effort by our team and after remaining under medical observation, it was released back into the wild.

The rat snake was found in a perilous situation after being trapped in the netting. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

In another incident, our team rescued a Cobra from a house after the residents of the house were panic-stricken at the sight of the snake. The cobra is protected under the Indian law i.e. the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 thus awarding it protection against any harm. The snake was safely rescued and released to its natural habitat.

Our rescue teams are expert handlers of highly venomous snakes such as Cobra. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

A farmer working in his agricultural field was shocked to find the large reptile nestled amidst a pile of hay and immediately reached out to Wildlife SOS, requesting for help. Our team operating out of Agra immediately reached the location and the python was safely rescued from the haystack. After it was deemed fit for release, our team released it back into the wild away from human habitation.

Python in a haytack left the farmer in a state of panic! [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

Around the same time, the Wildlife SOS rapid response unit also rescued a dehydrated juvenile Spotted owlet from Judge Compound in Agra. After receiving all the required treatment and fluid therapy, the bird was deemed fit and was safely released in the forest.

The spotted owlet was rescued from the residence of a Judge. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

Our rescue team in Vadodara has been doing a phenomenal job in attending to distress calls of crocodile sightings in fields. In the month of May, our team assisted the Forest Department in rescuing two mugger crocodiles from different locations of Vadodara, Gujarat. A 6-ft long mugger crocodile was rescued from a storm drain near the Vishwamitri river, which is home to nearly 250 crocodiles. To avoid capturing the crocodile by force and causing it further stress, the team set up a trap cage with bait. Eventually, the crocodile made its way into the trap cage. It was released back to the river, away from human habitation to mitigate conflict.

The Mugger crocodile is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

Around the same time, the team received another call about a crocodile sighting in Thuvavi village located in Dabhoi taluka which is 35 km from Vadodara city. Residents were shocked to find the crocodile outside the village temple. The Wildlife SOS-GSPCA team was able to assist the Forest Department with timely intervention to prevent a conflict situation. The crocodile was released back to the Vishwamitri river as well.

Wildlife SOS rescue teams saved 267 lives in the month of May!

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