Why did Moti collapse? What is wrong with him?

January 28, 2023 | By Shivalika Swar
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Moti collapsed because of a long history of untreated fracture of his front leg and severe infection in the foot pad and toenails in addition to multiple health issues all of which compounded by severe lack of veterinary care. 

The footpad on Moti’s left limb was found to be severely damaged and shredded from the foot base and raw tissue found exposed caused by negligence, lack of medical attention and continuous work despite the compromised medical condition. Moti was found to be in immense pain from the affected leg, severe inflammation in the elbow region, pus-filled infection as well as the torn foot pad. 

Moti also had several damaged and fractured digits and avulsion in the toenails. His right forelimb was found to be severely infected and inflamed caused by a suspected fracture near the elbow region. 

Moti’s Blood test results also indicate that his kidney and liver functions may be compromised which is a huge concern for us.

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