Age: 17 years old.

Sex: Female.

Age at rescue: 5

Personality traits/quirks: She’s docile and calm, like most geriatric bears.

Recognizable features: None. 

Physical condition and ongoing health challenges: Recent bout of inappetence and weakness; she has recovered now.

Facility (where the animal is): Agra Bear Rescue Facility.

Favorite foods: Honey-laced porridge.

Sanctuary friends: Julee (passed away.)

Favorite activities: Sleeping!

Special needs or accommodations: Geriatric bear care routine.

Keeper: Deshraj aka Veeru.

Background history: Gail was around five years old when rescued by Wildlife SOS from a Kalandar settlement in West Bengal. Having been malnourished and poorly cared for since she was a cub, Gail was extremely small, showing stunted growth at the time of her rescue.  Wildlife SOS relocated Gail to their Agra Bear Rescue Facility to give her the care and nourishment she needed.

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