Year of arrival: 2019

Age at the time of arrival: about 40 years-old

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Interactive and friendly

Facility: Elephant Rehabilitation Centre

Recognisable traits: Large and symmetrical ears with depigmentation at the bottom of the ears

Present health condition: Receiving medicated footbaths for her worn-out footpads and wounded cuticles; regular toenail trimming sessions conducted

Favourite food: Raw bananas

Closest to: Daisy

Favourite activities: Enjoys long walks in the forested area of the Centre and loves munching on leaves from the elm tree.

Background history: Jasmine’s life was an oppressive, monotonous and exhausting routine of navigating through the crowded streets of Delhi as a begging elephant, with bare minimum sustenance and absolutely no breaks. When not walking around, she would be tied to a littered, open field. Irrespective of weather conditions or hygiene she would stay tethered, with little to no movement, worsening the condition of her joints and foot pads. Jasmine’s rescue closed the curtain on the captive elephants in the national capital and she was successfully rehabilitated to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rehabilitation Centre. | READ MORE ABOUT JASMINE

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